If you’re frustrated and want more love and better relationships in your life, the Love Made Easy Podcast will help you to awaken to possibilities you never dreamed of having.

As you listen to each episode, we'll serve as your guides so you see how to put all your relationship struggles behind you. With your new insights, you’ll start seeing new ways to show up that brings more love and fresh, new possibilities into all your relationships and life. This world could use more love and it starts with each one of us! All our love, Susie and Otto



EP:04 How to Get Someone to Change

Trying to change your partner can lead to disagreements and distance. In this podcast episode, we talk about ways that can lovingly lead to change and a happier, better relationship.

EP:03 Loving Through Differences

Here’s a totally new way of seeing differences that can actually pull the two of you closer together instead of push you apart, loving someone in spite of what you now see as a barrier to love and connection.

EP:02 Lasting Love

In this episode, we’re talking about some of the big reasons why some relationships stay close, connected and loving and others don’t–and what you can do about it if you want to keep your love alive!

EP:01 Taking the Struggle Out of Love

Most people want to create lasting love but struggle with how to do it. In this, (our first ever) podcast episode, we talk about some of the true keys to creating love that lasts in your most important relationship.

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