If you’re frustrated and want more love and better relationships in your life, the Love Made Easy Podcast will help you to awaken to possibilities you never dreamed of having.

As you listen to each episode, we'll serve as your guides so you see how to put all your relationship struggles behind you. With your new insights, you’ll start seeing new ways to show up that brings more love and fresh, new possibilities into all your relationships and life. This world could use more love and it starts with each one of us! All our love, Susie and Otto



EP23: When To Trust Your Intuition (In Love and Life) and When To Ignore It

Many struggle with when to trust your intuition and when to ignore the urgings that sometimes swirl around us. Here’s a way to know if it’s your true inner wisdom that’s leading the way…

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EP22: Confronting Someone Else With The Truth

Confronting someone else with the truth is not as hard as you might think. Here’s how to make difficult conversations easier and why “confronting” another person isn’t how to go about it…

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EP21: When You Don’t Feel Heard, Seen or Appreciated

In this podcast, we talk about what’s really going on when you don’t feel heard, seen and appreciated and what you can do about it to feel better about yourself and your relationships…

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EP20: When You Emotionally Check Out of a Relationship or Life

In this episode, we talk about what’s actually happening when you emotionally check out of a relationship or any part of your life and what to do about it when it happens…

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EP19: When You Say The WRONG Thing

We’ve all made the mistake of saying the wrong thing (often without realizing it)., Here’s why people get upset and what to do about it when you do put your “foot in your mouth” and hurt someone…

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EP18: Emotions in Relationships: Which Ones Are Safe?

What if your emotions in relationships weren’t as complicated or scary as you might think? In this podcast, you’ll discover which ones are safe to express, to feel or even to witness in someone you love. 

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EP17: How To Communicate With Someone Who Shuts Down

One of the hardest things to do in a relationship is to try to communicate with someone who shuts down. Here’s how to encourage openness, love and healthy communication…

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EP16: Making Friends With Your Painful Past

Making friends with your painful past can seem impossible but it’s not only possible but also the most loving thing you can do for yourself and for those close to you. Listen now to find out how…

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EP15: “Am I Enough?”

In this episode, we talk about the where the question we’ve all had of “Am I Enough?” comes from, why we think this (even when it’s not helpful) and how to see beyond it to new possibilities…

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EP14: When To Have Boundaries (and When to Keep Opening as Love)

The question of when to have boundaries, how to set them so others listen and when to open instead of closing is what we’re talking about to take the mystery out of this topic that’s so difficult…

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EP13: When Being Dumb (in Love and Life) is So Smart

Being dumb in love and life is so smart when you get curious and “not know” instead of making deadly assumptions. Here are 3 words that can help you tell yourself a better story that can lead to more love…

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EP12: How To Let Go (In love and Life)

Here’s how to let go in love and life when it seems so difficult to do so. You don’t have to stay stuck and miserable forever. Here’s how to move on to more love, peace and happiness…

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