Love Made Easy Podcast

EP26: Mind Games and Manipulation That Get In The Way of Love

May 24, 2021

Mind games and manipulation are big problems in relationships.

Not only do they destroy relationships at an alarming rate, but most people, innocently, aren’t even aware they’re manipulating to get what they want.

Welcome to episode 26 of the Love Made Easy podcast where we dive right into how blind most people are about mind games and manipulation in their relationships.

We discuss why people try to manipulate others and how to respond when you feel manipulated, as well as how to recognize it when you’re being manipulative.

We give example after example of how this happens and what to do to make sure mind games and manipulation don’t destroy a relationship (of any kind) that is important to you.

Love and relationships shouldn’t have to be such a struggle.

Listen to this episode now for some great ideas for how to make love MUCH easier.

Blessings and Love To You,

Susie & Otto Collins

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