Love Made Easy Podcast

EP30: How Much “Bad” Behavior (In Relationships) Should You Put Up With?

June 21, 2021


Some people put up with WAY too much “bad” behavior from others in their relationships.

And yet… what some people call bad behavior may not be so bad after all.

In this episode of the Love Made Easy podcast (EP30), we’re exploring what to do when you’re up against what you call bad behavior and just how much of it you should put up with before you blow the whistle on the relationship and call it quits.

We’re not just talking about intimate relationships and marriages here. The same kinds of questions also apply to all your relationships and even jobs or living situations.

Love and relationships shouldn’t have to be such a struggle.

Listen to this episode now for some great ideas for how to see “bad” behavior in a different light, how to deal with “bad” behavior if it’s a problem in your relationships and how to make love MUCH easier.

Blessings and Love To You,

Susie & Otto Collins

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