Struggling vs. Possibility–How to Get Unstuck

struggleEver feel like you’re struggling in one or more areas of your life and you don’t know how to get unstuck?

If so, you’re not alone.

We all block the flow of energy in our lives in one way or another and what we all know is that when we’re “in the zone,” life just goes better.

And when we’re not, we feel stuck.

Maybe you’ve felt the “flow of life” or being “in the zone” during sports or playing an instrument or finding a person who you’re really in sync with.

And then there are those times when you feel like you’re struggling through mud, nothing gets accomplished and things seem to “go wrong.”

Both of those describe the human condition and…

It’s so true that you can have more of those times when you’re in the flow rather than times you’re stuck in mud and plodding through life.

We’ve loved listening to one of our teachers this week, Michael Singer, who talks about allowing more life to flow through you by letting your thoughts flow through without getting attached to them.

All of us have thoughts–some we’re consciously aware of and some not. Some we attach meaning to them and some not.

And believe it or not, it can be a choice you make.

A person who has a habit of jealous thinking will attach more meaning to thoughts like, “He’s not where he says he’s going so he’s probably meeting someone” or “She’s sitting too close to that guy and that means she wants to be with him.”

These kinds of thoughts get stuck in our minds, as does the flow of life.

In fact, when you repeat your thoughts that keep you stuck, you are attaching even more meaning to them and making them solid.

The truth is that thoughts come and go and the least amount of energy we attach to them, the more we can truly be present to life as it comes our way–and life will flow so much better.

We’ve come to realize that if we relax as thoughts come rolling by, just watching them, we are in a position to see possibilities of life.

Awhile ago Susie realized that she had been repeating to herself and to other people that she had been congested for several weeks and she was struggling to get over it.

That thought had become a stuck place for her and when she realized it, she quit focusing on it and repeating it.

Since then she has felt healthier and has experienced more energy and flow.

Stuck thoughts create blocks and that saps your energy…

And what you focus on persists.

While it’s certainly not healthy to push emotions down and try to ignore them…

It IS healthy to notice what you’re thinking that’s creating your emotions and to make the choice whether to believe your thinking or not.

So our challenge to you is for you to stand back and take a look at what you’re doing with your mental energy and recognize how it may be contributing to your feeling of stuckness.

When you do, take a moment and relax and see what happens.

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