5 Clues You’re Ready for a Relationship Reboot: Clue #3

relationship rebootWhen spring rolls around, most of us want to start out fresh and that includes our relationships.

With that in mind, we’ve written a series of articles called…

“5 Clues You’re Ready for a Relationship Reboot”

Here’s Clue #3…

Ready for a Relationship Reboot: Clue #3
You’re open to having fun again

When things start not going so well in a relationship, having fun together just seems to be impossible.

Usually, either one or both people are so focused on what’s wrong and trying to “fix” whatever they think is wrong, all fun and enjoying each other’s company flies out the window.

When you can discover the desire to have fun again inside you, you are ready for a relationship reboot–even if you can’t see how it can happen right this minute.

Here’s Molly’s story…

Molly was so tired of trying to “fix” her relationship with Brad and at times, she just wanted to quit.

She came to us to help her figure out whether she should stay in her relationship or go.

She had been so focused on trying everything she could think of to make Brad change and pay attention to her but nothing had worked.

He still continued to bury himself in sports events and his phone–and she felt really alone in their relationship.

As we talked with Molly, it became clear that the time they spent interacting, even on planned “dates,” was spent going over and over what was wrong.

And then she had a light bulb moment…

They had forgotten what it felt like to have fun together.

They had allowed what was wrong to overshadow any chance of enjoying each other’s company.

She had had the thought that if they had fun again that would be a signal to Brad that everything was fine.

But she realized in that moment that the opposite was true.

In order for a relationship reboot to happen, one or both had to at least be open to seeing that maybe a contra-intuitive path may be what’s called for.

How about you?

If you’ve been frustrated with your relationship and nothing you’ve tried has “worked,” is there something inside you that’s quietly saying that you are open to having fun again?

If so, it just might hold the key to a relationship reboot.

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