If You Feel Trapped In a Relationship or Marriage That's No Longer Working...

Here's How To Remove The Pain and Uncertainty of The Most Important Decision You'll Ever Make In Your Life...

If you value your sanity as well as your relationship, read this page from beginning to end, we promise you, we will show you how to make things better.

Some Very Important Questions for You to Answer...

couple-thinking-about-divorceBecause no one else will see or know your answers, please answer the following questions as openly and honestly as you can. Your relationship and personal happiness depend on what you do to move yourself forward --starting right now:

  • Are you frustrated by a relationship or marriage that's no longer working for you AND you're not sure what (if anything) to do about it?
  • Are you beginning to wonder whether this relationship is "worth it" any more?
  • Are you trying to figure out whether your relationship is just going through a rough patch or if it's really over?
  • Have you or your partner emotionally or physically abandoned the relationship and you want to know whether you should give it one more try?
  • Do you feel like there is still love between the two of you but because of everything that's happened, you're wondering whether that is enough to keep you together?

If you said "yes" to any part of the questions above, then welcome to the most important question you will ever ask yourself...

"Should YOU Stay or Should YOU Go?"

People Either Make a Quick Decision to Leave Or Just Ignore The
Problem Completely (Both Are Wrong Moves!)

That's mostly because people in unhappy relationships just don't know what to do at first.

So they either leave when things get tough or stay and hope things will get better...

couple-separatedWithout anything changing in the relationship.

If you put off making the decision of whether to stay or go or even quickly leave, it may seem like the "smart" thing to do, since you're avoiding conflict.

But the truth is that if never gets easier and putting off dealing with the problems just make them worse--whether it's in this relationship or in a future one.

Why Making "No Decision" About Your Relationship
is Almost Always The Wrong Decision...

If you're like a lot of people (and couples), you might think that if you put off the decision of whether you want to stay in or leave your relationship, the problems you are having will somehow magically heal themselves or disappear.

They won't.

If you don't invest some quality time now in taking an honest look at the state of your relationship and what you want in your future, you could stay stuck in this place of indecision for a very long time.

So many people waste so much precious time when they could be experiencing an incredible relationship filled with love, passion and joy, either in their current relationship or one that is more of what they want.

But they stay stuck in limbo...

Sometimes for years and not only do they suffer but the people around them suffer as well.


This Happened to Us Too

Hi, we're Susie and Otto Collins and we've both been where you are right now.

Even though we have a truly close relationship with each other and enjoy lots of love, passion and a close connection...

We weren't always in a great relationship.

Simply put, we both have had to live with and make the important decision of whether to stay or go in our previous marriages.

couple-upsetWe know what it's like to be in a relationship with someone you love or care about and still feel cold and empty inside.

We know what it feels like to wonder "Is this all there is?"

This is a terrible place to be in a relationship because life is just too short to be this unhappy.

When it comes to relationships, we've discovered that some can be saved and others just can't (no matter how much you try).

Even though, we both made the decision to leave our previous marriages and we are very happy in our relationship now, we'll be the first to tell you that leaving isn't always the right decision for everyone.

Sometimes it's best to stay and work things out.

Making the decision about whether to stay or go can be confusing, stressful and difficult...

And that's why we want to help.

We Discovered The Key To Making this Decision...

couple-happyYears ago, when we were both faced with this decision in our previous relationships, we each agonized for what seemed like forever. We needed solid, unbiased help and didn't know where to get it.

Fast forward several years later and as a part of our Transformative Relationship and Life coaching practice...

We've helped people figure out keys to a healthy, long-term relationship and we're proud to say we've saved probably hundreds, maybe even thousands of relationships through the years.

We've also helped men and women move on from toxic relationships into nourishing ones.

If you are in a relationship that is causing you to wonder whether you can make it work or if it would be better to leave, it's important that you take some time now to gain clarity on your next steps.

It could be the biggest decision of your life. It's the one decision you absolutely, positively want to be certain about. This is a decision you don't want to regret later. You also don't want to stay stuck in limbo for very long either...

To help you or anyone make the best decision possible about whether to stay in or leave your relationship or marriage, we've created an amazing resource that we wish we had when we were making this decision.

It's our "Should You Stay or Should You Go?" book and audio program...

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

'Should You Stay or Should You Go' Helped Me Discover The Truth...

"I am so happy I purchased your book. I can not tell you how much I have learned from this. Not only about my relationship but my life. It has been a real gem to have this.

"Discovering the truth about what I am really feeling inside about this relationship has been so exciting! No more denying, keeping it inside, nor feeling guilty about what I feel.

"This has helped me in so many ways I can not explain it all. I really thank you. To share your wisdom and insight in such a way, is truly a gift. Thank you again."

(Address withheld by request)

"Helped Me Be Honest..."

"Reading 'Should I Stay or Should I Go' did exactly what its subtitle suggests---it raised compelling questions for me to consider not only about my current relationship but for my life. It helped me to be completely honest with the most important person in my life about my need to look into our future to see if we had the same goals.

"Reading it made me sit down and write out my future goals for myself and to discuss the collective goals of my partner and me. We will now have this to refer to in the future, as we grow together. I knew approaching my boyfriend with this book would either make him consider a future with me or run the other way.

"Whatever happened would have revealed the truth about our relationship. Approaching him with the book stirred up a lot of raw emotion and difficult discussions, but we are better for it. Thank you, Susie and Otto, for sharing the gift of your path in finding a true, loving relationship."

Sharon from Pennsylvania

(Click the arrow below to listen to Sharon)

"Gave Me Tools I Needed At A Critical Time In My Life..."

"I've been reading and listening to columns and advice from Susie & Otto for over 2 years now ...at a time when thinking clearly was not easy for me to do, because my wife and I were on the verge of divorce, this book gave me the tools I needed to dig deep down inside myself and ask myself questions I wouldn't have otherwise been able to at that time.

"Although my wife and I decided to go our separate ways... this book is an ongoing relationship tool that will always help me evaluate myself and what I am offering and/or getting out of a relationship. Thank you Susie & Otto for helping me make this difficult decision."

Curt from Calgary, Alberta

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Success Story

Listen to Jeanie from Lee Center, Minnesota talk about the program...
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We're also super proud to introduce to you...

"Should You Stay or Should You Go?"

stay_or_go_2Quite simply, when we both needed a resource like this one-- nothing like it existed. That's why we created it. We set out to provide a much needed resource that will help you (and anyone else who needs it) gain the clarity you need to make the best decision possible at this critical time in your life.

The "Should You Stay or Should You Go?" book is not just a book you read.

It is an "action book" filled with hundreds of questions, stories and insights that will help you consciously determine whether to stay in your present relationship or to move on.

The audio portion of this program is the recording of a teleseminar we gave called "The 10 Most Important Things To Consider When Deciding Whether To Stay In or Leave a Relationship."

This audio is NOT us reading the book. This is totally fresh, new information and insights that are not in the book or other bonuses.

If you're looking for some relationship expert or guru to tell you what you should do, then this book and audio program isn't for you.

If you're looking for a program to help guide you through this difficult decision written by experts who have been there and also have worked with many people who've made this decision with love and grace--This program IS for you!


Here's What You Get Inside

"Should You Stay or Should You Go?" includes A Book and an Audio you can either download Instantly to your computer, smart phone or any electronic device or as a physical paperback and cd.

Here are just a few of the topics we cover in this program ...

  • Should you make this decision alone or is it best to involve your partner?
  • Who can (and should) you turn to for support during this time when you're making this decision?
  • How do you best decide what you really want in a relationship?
  • What is the most important question you should ask yourself about this decision when children are involved?
  • When is love no longer enough of a reason for staying in this relationship?
  • How can you make the best decision while still honoring your religious and spiritual beliefs?
  • How do you know when you're leaving this relationship too soon or staying too long?
  • When can you still have hope for rebuilding the relationship?
  • What are the most important questions to ask yourself to make sure your commitments, beliefs and decisions are reflective of who you are right now and who you want to be?
  • What are the most important questions to ask yourself to know whether your partner's or spouse's goals are compatible with yours and the most important question to ask if they aren't?
  • How can you listen to your heart instead of what other people think or what you think you "should do"?
  • What is the one thing you have instant access to right now that will tell you how you are really feeling about this situation?
  • What are the most important questions you or anyone should ask themselves to get "unstuck" in this decision-making process?

Downloadable version  $47

In addition to receiving access to this program, you will also receive occasional emails from us with helpful tips and tricks as well as exclusive offers. You can unsubscribe at any time at the bottom of every email we send. Please see our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

Plus, order now and we'll also include the download versions of these 3 incredible bonuses...

Bonus #1

Creating Relationship Magic Ebook

produc4In our e-book, "Creating Relationship Magic" we've identified 52 of the biggest challenges and issues we all face in our relationships and through powerful personal stories and examples, we show you how you can create magical relationships in your life. We've sold hundreds of these e-books from our web sites at $19.77 each. The digital downloadable version is yours as a bonus for buying "Should You Stay or Should You Go?"

Bonus #2

"6 Keys to Healing after Leaving a Painful Relationship"

This special report lays out six powerful ideas to help you move beyond where you are now and give you a fresh perspective on how to let go of your situation so you can allow the healing to begin.  You'll discover some simple, yet profound tools to move you through the pain to explore new possibilities for your relationships and your life.

We are including a copy of the digital version here as an added bonus for buying our book "Should you stay or should you go?"

Bonus #3

"10 Communication Mistakes"

We've identified ten communication mistakes that nearly everyone is making in their relationships.  Along with identifying these common mistakes, we give some proven, practical suggestions and ideas for eliminating these "mistakes" and instead, we tell you how to create great communication in any relationship.



Use This Immediately in Your Life

If there are any doubts, fears or hesitations coming up right now about how to make the best decision possible for all involved, know that the tools in this program can get you unstuck and moving toward a happier, healthier life.

In fact, any self talk you have that says it isn't possible to make this decision with love and grace will only shut you down (again).

The truth is that nothing will change if you don't change something and in this book and audio, we're giving you the tools to make this very difficult decision much easier than you ever thought possible.

That's why we created "Should You Stay or Should You Go?"...

Your Privacy is Protected...

If you want to order this program but want to make sure your privacy and confidentiality is protected, here's how we handle that...

Because of the sensitive nature of this decision, we realize that you may not want anyone else to know whether you are trying to decide whether to stay or go.

If this is the case, we want you to know that your privacy is secure with us. We believe that it's no one else's business that you're making this decision, unless you want them to know about it.

Click here to see how we will protect your privacy if you purchase the "Should You Stay or Should You Go?" book and audio program.

Get Started Now...

confident-womanYou wouldn't be here right now if you didn't want help making the decision of whether to stay in or leave your relationship with less stress and worry.

We know it's possible for you to decide to either make a new start in your relationship or to leave with the most ease as possible.

We know it's possible for you to make this decision without all the drama that seems to now be there between the two of you.

It's time for you to start getting more of the love, passion and connection that you want.

Click the "Add to Cart" button above to get our "Should You Stay or Should You Go?" program to start creating your future in the way you want.

You'll be glad you did!

We wish you all the love and happiness you want!

Relationship Coaches and Authors

Susie and Otto Collins

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