When life treats you unfairly

One of the tricks to keeping hope alive and staying open to possibilities when life has treated you unfairly is to know that in almost every situation it’s not personal.

No matter how difficult, how upsetting, how much you wish things were different…

In almost every situation there’s a bigger game than you realize being played.

When you feel like you’ve been treated unfairly, the temptation is to shut down, to feel like you’ve been victimized and to want to quit.

But none of these things are helpful even though they feel like they somehow protect you or make you feel better in the moment.

When you are shutting down, feeling like a victim and just plain want to quit…

The important thing to understand when life treats you unfairly is that it’s just your protective personality kicking in.

This protective personality is simply trying to protect you from the pain of the moment…

The pain of real or imagined hurt, the pain of the past and the pain of a projected future that hasn’t even happened yet.

If you are feeling like life has treated you unfairly and kicked you around…

As painful as it is to see…

What’s really going on is this…

You’re caught up in the story of how things should be, how you would like them to be and how you’re not okay because of the perception of the reality of the moment.

When you’re caught up in a story of feeling that life has treated you unfairly, one of the most important things you could ever do is to slow down and wait until you see something new about this situation before you act in any way that you can’t reverse or talk your way out of later.

How might you be arguing with reality?

What if life is just acting in a way that is absolutely perfect and you just can’t see it in the moment?

What if the thing you wanted so badly isn’t right for you?

What if you simply aren’t ready for this thing that you wanted so badly?

What if the way you see the situation isn’t the way it is at all?

When you see even a glimmer of something new or different, you can see a possibility you hadn’t thought of…

And with that possibility comes a renewed flow of energy and life force that brings more peace and love.

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