Your Love Blind Spots that Keep Love Away

assumptionsWe all have love blind spots that keep us from having more of the love and the life that we want.

It’s always what we can’t see that’s going on underneath the surface in our lives…

That we’re creating, that we’re thinking, that we’re believing…

That’s keeping us from being able to see how to open enough, invite enough and be enough love that we really want in our lives.

Your blind spots about love are called “blind spots” because you can’t see them.

You’re blind to them.

We’re fascinated as we watch TV commercials for new cars that have blind spot cameras that can see past trailers that you’re towing behind your vehicle.

These new cameras give a 360° view so you don’t miss seeing what could cause a problem or an accident.

These cameras help you see beyond what could be obscuring your sight and without them, you’re blind to what could be coming your way.

They remove the blind spots.

This is the same with our love blind spots.

You can’t see how you’re holding back in your relationships.

You can’t see the way you think about love that keeps people at an arm’s length or distant from you.

You can’t see how what you think is creating a boundary, is actually being harsh, critical and putting people off when there are ways to be firm and have boundaries and still be kind and loving.

You can’t see how the way you communicate doesn’t really invite people to want to open their heart and mind to you.

One of the tricks to actually starting to see your blind spots instead of letting them run your life especially your love life…

Is to slow down enough, be open enough and be willing enough to see those blind spots.

When you start to get quiet, your busy mind isn’t running the show nearly as often as when you’re all revved up like most of us are these days.

Recently we’ve experienced several important relationships with friends ending or changing form.

Susie has seen that a love blind spot for her has been holding onto the way things were and not wanting the changes that have come.

While it’s certainly normal and healthy to feel the loss when people leave your life in the part they’ve played in your life…

When Susie allowed her busy mind to slow and to feel the emotion without holding onto it…

She saw that in focusing on these losses, she was shutting down the possibility of love and friendships from other people, as well as with people she had yet to meet.

When you slow down enough to allow yourself to see something new, those blind spots disappear and love can grow in your life.

If you’d like help seeing around and beyond your love blind spots,
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