Resentments that hold us back in love and life…

low self-worthResentments are born from large or small events when we feel like we’ve been treated unfairly.

Someone slights us or does something so grossly mean that we feel blindsided–and we hold onto that hurt, sometimes for years.

There seem to be two kinds of resentments:

The ones you can see and the ones that are invisible and you can’t see.

Often times we don’t even know we’ve been carrying the hurt around until something sparks a memory and we feel it all over again.

Both kinds of resentments can wreck a relationship or destroy life, minute by minute or moment by moment.

Resentments that we’re holding onto force us to hold back.

They force us to keep ourselves separate from others.

They force us to keep our distance from others.

These resentments keep us from showing up as love and from being as powerful, happy and successful as we could be if we weren’t holding onto them.

Resentments keep us from seeing the truth of situations, keep us from seeing the gifts in events that we think are burdens or painful, and keep us from opening our hearts when we’re tempted to close them.

One of the tricks to knowing whether a resentment is keeping you from having the love or the life you want is simply to ask yourself…

Are there people or situations in your life, that when you think about them, an uneasy feeling or other strong emotions come up?

That’s all you need to know…

If there’s any situation from the past that is still holding energy for you in the present moment…

You can absolutely know that in some way, this is keeping you from having the love or life that you really want.

Years ago, we had a big misunderstanding with someone who we thought we had an agreement with but it turned out not to be so.

We thought this person didn’t act in good faith and we felt resentful about the situation.

And hung onto that resentment for years!

Every time we thought about that situation, anger came up along with the feeling that this person should have acted differently!

But what we’ve been seeing is that going through this experience really showed us what we valued in life and has turned out to be a real gift.

You may not be able to see the gift yet in what you have experienced that created resentments…

But seeing the fact that those resentments are holding you back in your life is the first step to more love and enjoying life at a greater level.

It has been for us and it will be for you too!

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