Serious Trust Issues (And the first step to fixing them)

Man Woman MadNothing screams “divorce happening soon” or “love going down the drain” than a lack of trust…

But there is a “fix” to start fixing the trust issues and get back to the loving in your relationship–much faster than you might think.

We’ve spent years researching this and what we’ve found is most people (who are otherwise kind, loving, smart, intelligent people) simply don’t pick up on the clues they’re seeing that let them know whether their efforts at rebuilding trust and their love are working or not.

If you want to rebuild trust in a relationship, here is the first place you start…

You start by doing things that “trigger” trust in the other person and by doing things that “trigger” honesty from your spouse or partner that lead to closeness and

–>Here are 3 videos to help you trigger trust in your relationship<–


Here’s an example of just how easy it is to do something that makes your spouse or partner close their heart to you instead of open it to you…

Rhonda’s husband Jim had basically been cheating on her for months with two different women. One woman she
thought was a good friend and another she just couldn’t imagine what he saw in her.

Jim swore his cheating had stopped and he now was doing everything he could to show Rhonda he still loved her.

It didn’t take long for him to realize his terrible mistake and now he’s wanting to find a way to rebuild the trust and love with Rhonda but she won’t have any of it.

Even though she says she still loves him and still wants to make their relationship work, she has a secret desire to
continue to make him pay for what he had done to her.

In other words, he clearly did her wrong, made a BIG mistake (repeatedly) but even though she says she still wants him and loves him– she’s doing things that push his love away.

That actually makes him start to wonder if she is still the one for him.

He wonders– “Will she ever open her heart to me again?”

After all, if she does want to be with him like she says, how long is long enough to make him pay for his mistake?

Painfully, situations like this ( and many others that keep you from rebuilding the trust) are far too common and these are the kinds of things our new “Trust Triggers” program can help you with.

If trust (or lack of it) was been an issue for you in your relationship or marriage, you both have to start doing things to reverse the tide of where your relationship is headed.

Learning how to use “trust triggers” to build more love and connection and intimacy between the two of you is a great starting point.

Go here now and learn how you can use these trust triggers to build more trust, love and connection in your relationship –in as little as 10 seconds.

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