What to do when your man’s looking at other women…

Man Checking out WomanIn this video, we give you three awesome tips for how to deal with a man who says he loves you, cares about you and wants to be with you and still he likes to oogle, stare at and look too long at other women–especially women
you think are more beautiful or attractive than you.

It’s only natural to get upset, angry and jealous when a man does this. After all, if he really loved and cared about you, shouldn’t he be looking at you with desire in his eyes instead of another woman?

This is such a complicated issue and it’s something men and women who suffer with jealousy issues have to face all the time (or so it seems.)

If you’ve ever caught your guy looking at another woman and want to know how to deal with this issue with him, here are 3 ways to deal with the issue of a man looking at other women that are not his wife or girlfriend…

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