How to Experience More Relationship Peace and Love Even in Uncertainties…

relationship peace and loveThere’s a “missing piece” that blocks so many people from creating the relationship peace and love they want in their life.

And one of the paths to finding this missing piece to creating more peace and love in your life is to know that you are truly okay no matter what.

It’s to recognize that even when events seem to turn against you, opportunities seem to emerge in the most unlikely ways.

The “missing piece” is a recognition that love is always there even if it doesn’t look like it at in the moment.

Before you start saying, “Whoa there, Susie and Otto, not so fast–love in my life isn’t always there”…

We’ll explain by giving you a quick example of experiencing more relationship peace and love in your life, even when it all seems uncertain…

A friend of ours told us that a boyfriend she’s been with for a couple of years has taken a job across country and will be leaving our city in a couple of months.

When he told her, he was afraid of her reaction and that she would be upset but what she said surprised him.

Her first reaction was that she was genuinely happy for him that he had found a job that was more in alignment with the work he wanted to do. She knew that he hadn’t been happy in his current job for a long time and this seemed like a perfect opportunity for him.

The truth is that her reaction surprised even her because last year when he was looking for a new job and applying out of state, she had been upset with the prospect that he hadn’t discussed it with her first.

What was different?

She now realized that his move could open up all kinds of new opportunities, not only for him but for her as well.

Being self-employed, she could spend some time visiting him and exploring a different part of the country. Although she would miss seeing him and sharing contra-dance weekends with him, she saw this as an opportunity to explore more deeply some other interests she had set aside.

She told us that she realized that this is real love–to give someone else the space to follow their passion without judging.

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This truly is the “loving space” as we’re going to talk about in the weeks to come.

Our friend knows that she will be okay no matter what and she’s open to looking at the opportunities that will come her way because of his decision.

She has found peace inside her and she’s a great example of how we all can flow with life’s uncertainties and see everything through the eyes of love.

How about you?

Is there something in your life that you have a lot of thinking around that it “should” be something other than what it is?

Know that when you allow your thinking and the “shoulds” to settle, you can see an opportunity that you might not have seen before.

You can allow that space of peace and love that’s always underneath to become more what you live from.

And life will look totally different to you when you do.

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