Rebuild Relationship Trust by Using These…

rebuildtrustIn almost every relationship, something invariably happens to destroy trust.

It could be a small thing like spending too much money (that you don’t have) on a new tv or it could be something MUCH bigger like constant lying and cheating.

When anything happens–small or enormous–that starts putting doubts in your mind about your partner and their love, you’re faced with a very important decision…even if you still love them.

And this decision is one that you’re going to have to make in every moment over and over…

And this decision is…

Are you convinced that things can change enough so that you can open your heart and open yourself to the possibility that you CAN build the trust, love and connection that’s so vital to your love?


Are you going to close your heart to them and shut off the possibility of a true, heart-centered love?

Neither answer is right or wrong…It’s what’s true inside you.

What we’ve learned about building trust in a relationship is that if you are willing to open your heart to your partner again (and we do mean truly willing)–and your partner’s willing to focus on rebuilding trust as well then it’s totally possible to regain love and connection no matter what has happened between the two of you.

This is where “Trust Triggers” comes in…

In every life and in every relationship or marriage, there are these moments that happen that are “make or break” moments. We call these moments “choice points” and we’re sure you’ve had many of these in your life so far.

Choice points are these moments when your relationship or life could take a completely different turn or path based on the decision you make in the moment.

One man we know was ready to leave his wife and young son because of continually feeling like he was being beaten down, controlled and had no say in their life together. Before he left, he decided to give their marriage one more chance and asked his wife if she’d go with him to get help.

In a split second, it was one of those “make or break” choice points when she said she didn’t want to share details of their marriage with anyone and wouldn’t go. Even though the next day when she realized he was really leaving, she said she’d go, he knew her heart wasn’t in it and made the decision to leave anyway.

On the other hand, if he had seen that she was willing to get the help they needed to rebuild trust in their relationship, they might have stayed together and even deepened their love.

If they had each used what we’re calling “trust triggers,” they could have started exploring ways to start over in their marriage, each of them speaking and acting in ways that build trust rather than tear it down.

The same could be said for your relationship if you’re experiencing trust issues.

You can start doing things to rebuild trust and your love in as little as 10 seconds.

We’ve proven it in our own lives and in the lives of many or our one-on-one coaching clients who were willing to open to love again.

So we ask you…

Is there anything left between the two of you that suggests that trust might be possible?

Are you willing to open to love and your partner again?

Are you willing to crack the door to your heart open just a bit?

Are you willing to see just a hint of possibility where you might not have thought building trust was possible for you anymore?

Building more trust in a love relationship starts with something very simple–you and your partner opening to the possibility that something in your life and your relationship could be different and could be better.

Go here and learn more about these trust triggers.

We know they can help you create more love in your life and put more life in your love.

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