Celebrate More!

Here’s a new possibility for love…

Open to expanding your definition of celebration to include more than the usual anniversaries and standard holidays.

Open to seeing that a celebration can be broader than giving a gift or going to a restaurant for dinner.

A celebration can be words of appreciation after noticing that someone you love has followed through on a promise when you may have thought he or she wouldn’t.

A celebration can be noticing when someone says or does something that’s kind to you and supports you.

A celebration can be acknowledging yourself for not getting defensive when you might have in the past.

A celebration can be acknowledging yourself when you see the good in your beloved instead of what’s less desirable to you.

Celebrate how far you’ve come in your love for yourself and each other.

Celebrate the fact that you have been gifted with the ability to love.

Celebrate the normal, the mundane, the beautiful, the small simple acts as well as the bigger ones.

Celebrate how you can show up as love in this moment.

Celebrate everything even the painful parts. And the reason you celebrate everything is-it creates more openness, more love and more aliveness.

When you don’t celebrate, you’re not seeing the gifts of love and abundance that you’ve already been given.

When you don’t celebrate, you miss the opportunity for connection.

When you don’t celebrate and allow something amazing to pass you by, you allow yourself to lapse into unconscious behavior that’s disconnected you from another person in the past.

When the two of us celebrate each other or someone else, it just feels good.

It creates a vibration of love.

And that’s something we can all use.

Know that you are worthy of celebrations!

Celebrate more.

Celebrate more love.

Celebrate everything.

If you’d like to start celebrating more but need a place to start, contact us here


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