The Trick to Making Sure You Aren’t Pushing Love Away…

One of the tricks to making sure you aren’t pushing love away without meaning to is…

To make sure you aren’t holding onto thoughts about your partner, yourself and others that would cause you to pull back or hesitate to show up as full of love as possible.

Far too many times in our relationships and lives, we erroneously believe some random thought about our partner…

About who they are, what they think, something they did (or didn’t do) that wasn’t true at all!

And once we start believing any thought, we start acting toward that other person as if that thing is true even if it’s not.

We start shutting ourselves off from that other person and withholding love that really could enrich our lives and the lives of others.

If you want to make sure you’re not pushing love away without meaning to, one of the absolute tricks is to see that other person from a place of truth, kindness and an open heart.

A quick example of this is to not jump to conclusions about why someone says or does something before you ask.

It’s so easy to jump to the worst possible scenario without checking it out in a neutral way.

We all do it–but we don’t have to.

When you ask a question in a neutral, kind way to help you understand…

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The other person will be more open to you and won’t jump to defensiveness.

When you don’t mull over the “He never…” or “She always…” thoughts but stick with a curious “I don’t know” thought–when you really DON’T  know…

You’ll aren’t pushing love away and you’ll be keeping the door of love open for yourself, your partner and others in your life.

When you aren’t immediately getting triggered into saying and doing things that tear down trust between the two of you because you’ve been believing your thoughts that may or may not be true…

You’ll be open to hearing what’s real and your partner will be more open to sharing their truth with you.

This “trick” of not pushing love away isn’t difficult. It just takes being conscious and present to yourself and to others.

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