I’ve been really emotional all day today.

This morning, a friend, a person I used to be friends with in real life, now a Facebook friend who I don’t see in person anymore said on Facebook that she was grateful that her sister was now off a ventilator and was breathing on her own.

I didn’t know that her sister was even on a ventilator because of Coronavirus.

How could I?

I haven’t kept in close enough contact with my friend to know.

And yet, every time I think of this person who I still consider a friend…I have good feelings, warm thoughts and I remember really good times of connecting.

At some level I wish that the same connection was still there like it used to be.

But, it isn’t.

And that’s ok.

When this happened this morning, what it brought up for me is how we never know when the last time we will see someone will be. How we never know when we will talk to someone for the very last time.

We never know when the last hug, the last kiss, the last look or the last embrace or the last moment will be with the people we’re close to.

When my wife Susie and I were new in our relationship, one of the things that we decided very early on was, to do our very best to make every moment special– to make every moment count.

We realized very early in our relationship that this moment is the only moment we ever have.

THIS moment.

Not next week, not next year.

…and certainly we’re not promised anything close to forever because there’s no such thing.

When you understand, really understand that this moment is all you ever have, everything changes for you.

And my wife Susie and I have tried to live from that place In our relationship with each other.

There are many times when I simply don’t want to stop touching her, I don’t want to leave her, I don’t want to stop looking at her and I don’t want to feel her energy not there–even for a moment.

But sometimes, the reality of life and other wants, needs and necessities dictate that we must part only to reunite again later.

I feel the same way about my son, and the other members of our family And many friends as well.

I want to bask in the love and connection that is there and doesn’t leave even when we’re not together.

When it comes to your relationships… whether it is with your spouse, your beloved, your family, your friends, the people you work with, do business with,associate with or it is simply a stranger on the street…

There will always be a last time you see them.

The question is, will you make this time that you see them and connect with them count?

In light of this question, here are a couple of things to ponder…

How would you act with someone if you knew it would be the last time you ever see them in this world again?

How would you be with them?

Would you be open with them, loving with them smiling and laughing with them or would you be shut down, standoffish, angry, judgmental or still wanting to make them wrong for how different they are from you?

If they were your lover or someone you deeply cared about, would your gaze linger a little longer?

Would you tell them how much you like them, love them, care about them and appreciate them?

Would you set all your judgement aside and let your differences reside in the past where they should always stay to begin with?

I’m not always perfect at this but sometimes the truth and reality of this life overwhelms me and gets the best of me and I’m stopped cold in the moment with the realization that this moment is all I ever have.

The trick is to remember that as much as possible and to live from that place of being grateful.

“Stay mighty” my friends and always keep loving…

Take care.


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