Resolutions for the New Year–More Love in 2020

This time of year, there’s a lot of talk about resolutions for the new year and here’s what we’ve learned…

One of the tricks to more love and more of the other things you want to bring forth in 2020 is to not make resolutions…

But to allow possibilities to run the show in your life (every day and not just in early January) instead of your fears, doubts and impossibilities.

To have more possibilities for your love and in your life, you have to be able to see them.

You have to allow possibilities to come alive for you and feel real.

Feel exciting.

Feel doable.

You have to find a way to feel like the past and all your mistakes, problems, challenges, heartaches, disappointments, unfulfilled wishes and unanswered hopes, dreams and prayers take a back seat in favor of a new possibility.

And in order to do this…

All you have to do is be open to and be willing to lay down any thoughts, beliefs and/or ideas about “how things are” and “how they are going to be”…

And allow your mind to open to seeing something new.

That’s it.

Be open enough and willing enough to see something new.

And where does new thought come from?

From “out of the blue”…

Just like all the other thoughts you, us and everyone else has that we grab hold of, make real and believe that float by.

The ability to see something new that changes your life is already within all of us.

We just have to notice when God, the universe or our guides send us a message to notice something important.

It can be something as simple as paying attention and following through.

Recently, Susie lost a close friend, Catherine, to cancer. Before Catherine passed, her husband had texted Susie that we could come to the hospital to see her and instead of waiting another minute, we went.

Susie was able to have a beautiful conversation with her friend that she will forever cherish all because we paid attention and acted.

These inner nudges of wisdom can come about small things in our lives or big events.

And when you follow them, worlds of opportunity and love open up around you in miraculous ways.

You don’t have to worry about failing in your resolutions for the new year because every moment is filled with the opportunity for a new beginning and new direction that you may not have even thought of before.

Have a question about how to recognize the opportunities that are placed in front of us? Contact us here…

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