Your Opportunity and Possibilities for More Love

As Valentine’s Day rolls around again, we all have a great opportunity to glimpse new possibilities for more love.

For one day, we express love and appreciation in various ways to the important people in our lives.

What if these expressions of love were possible every day whether you have a special person in your life or not?

Now we don’t mean, you have to send cards, flowers, cook a special meal or buy candy or even diamonds every day for a significant someone.

What we mean is so much deeper…

–Choosing kindness instead of being snippy
–Listening without fixing
–Setting aside upsets and disagreements while you open to a loving conversation
–Letting go of the story of past hurts and seeing what’s going “right” instead of focusing on your fears
–Seeing the unhealthy ways you try to “get” love and making healthier choices

And so much more.

You have a choice to “Be” love in every moment instead of for just one day, not only to the special people in your life but to everyone, especially to yourself.

The author Bell Hooks in her book All About Love talks about love being an action rather than a feeling.

She also talks about making the choice to love is nurturing one’s own or another’s spiritual growth.

Yes, love is a choice.

When you start nurturing your own spiritual growth by not believing those belittling thoughts of “not enoughness” about yourself that keep you closed and shut down…

You’re free to love others in every moment.

When you’re not caught up in your feelings that are created by the limiting thoughts you’re believing about yourself and another person…

Possibilities of love present themselves and this can be your “new normal” no matter what day it is!

Here’s a beautiful poem about love that Otto wrote and is our loving Valentine’s day gift to you…

“The Truth About Love” by Otto Collins

The truth about love is…

Love is a gift we are all given.

Love is always there.

You don’t have to DO anything to get Love.

You ARE Love.

Love is always flowing in you, around you and through you unless you are blocking the flow of it.

Love always looks the same.

Love always looks different.

Love Never Ends.

There’s an endless supply of it.

Love isn’t dependent on someone or something else.

Love is the essence of who we are.

Love doesn’t play favorites.

Love Just Is.

You are THAT.

If you’d like to have a conversation with one of us about love or anything else that’s challenging you, contact us here…

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