Why Living in the Future is a Dangerous Place

What are you most looking forward to when the Coronavirus is finally over and our lives get back to normal?


What will be the thing you most want to do or have happen that isn’t possible right now?

You have these things in your life you most want and so do we.

Susie most wants to enjoy hugs, a meal and the company of her daughter, son-in-law and grandson, in person, without staying 6′ apart.

Otto most wants the Cincinnati Reds to get back on the field and start playing baseball again.

(It’s spring you know, and baseball season should have already started.)

Whatever you want that may not be possible right now, please know that this is normal and there’s nothing at all wrong with looking forward to things, wanting things to change, having desires and goals and wanting to have awesome, fun and interesting times in our lives.

But here’s a temptation to watch out for that can wreak havoc on our relationships and lives if we’re not careful…

It’s this little thing called “living in the future.”

If having goals, dreams, wishes, hopes, desires and a wonderful life is good, what’s so wrong with “living in the future?”

Right now it’s really seductive to get sucked into the future and live from that place because the stay-at-home mandate with limited outside activities can get us tangled up in wishing and hoping.

While we certainly recognize that many, many people are struggling in this present moment in many different ways and are clinging to a better, happier future…

We are gently nudging you in the direction of making the most of this moment that you have by recognizing its gifts…

And seeing that we miss out on living our lives when we live in the future.

Last night was one of the best moments we’ve had in our 22 years of being together. The two of us sat on the steps of our front porch, the temperature was a perfect 70 degrees and the moon was full.

It was so quiet in our neighborhood, you could almost hear the spring flowers whispering in the wind.

While this was a beautiful moment, we’ve come to know that all moments come and go…

Whether they’re like this one or whether we’re momentarily stuck in our stories that disconnect us from each other or other people.

When you’re living in the future and in your stories, anticipating what someone else will say or do…

Or fearing that something bad will happen…

You’re making up a scary future and not allowing the gift of the moment to show itself.

When your predominant thinking is that some place else is better than where you are right now…

You’re missing out on so much that is there for you.

When you understand this moment is all we have…

The very nature of that realization could cause you to show up in more loving, honoring and life-affirming ways with yourself and others.

But the truth is that you can choose to see it or not.

Living in the present instead of the future doesn’t hold you back from having goals and taking action.

What you find is when you notice each moment, the action you need to take next becomes really clear. No guesswork.

There’s a kind of peacefulness that happens when you come into the present moment instead of rehashing the past or worrying about the future.

Susie has seen this time and time again when she’s walking her neighborhood route for exercise.

When she’s mulling over some situation or problem, she’s not aware of what’s happening around her.

And her circular thinking doesn’t help whatever she’s trying to solve in the future.

It’s like she’s blind to the flowering trees, the sun, the temperature and even other people she passes on the sidewalk.

But when she becomes aware of her surroundings, settles into noticing what’s in front of her…

She regains some peace and well-being that’s always there.

When she settles down into the present moment, often solutions come when she least expects it.

Living in the future–with all the what if’s–is dangerous because it creates so much fear that becomes your present.

Start noticing what’s happening around you, without believing your stories and living in the future, and see how life just seems to go better and easier.

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