Learning to Love Moment by Moment

One thing I’ve learned about love by being with Susie is…

This moment is all we’ve ever got.

We are never promised another moment.


When we first got together, one of the things that we had to tackle right from the start was the question of OUR age difference.

Susie is 16 years older than me, and this question came up about what it was gonna be like when we got older.

What is it gonna be like when she’s 80 and I’m 64 or she’s 90 and I’m 74?

What a ridiculous thing to think about.

This is ridiculous because what I saw is that in that moment when I first had that fearful story about our age difference and what it meant, I was only 35 years old at the time and so far out into the future that I had lost the beauty of the present moment.

What I have seen about love by looking at a simple thing like our age difference is that it forces us–and it forces me–to really stay present in this moment.

Not tomorrow.

Not next week.

Not next year or 20 years from now.

But right now in this present moment.

This brings up questions like…
What is on offer in this present moment?
Can I open my heart to her?
Can she open her heart to me?

One of the things that I have seen both in myself and in the people I’ve worked with in the past is how often we get so far out into the future that our thoughts and fears take over and run the show called our life.

When I learned…

Really learned…

That this moment is all we ever have…

Everything changed.

This was when the fears about the future dissipated and they faded away, and were no longer an issue.

What I came to see was…

The fears take care of themselves when you drop all your stories about the future and you focus on this moment–and bringing love to that moment.

That’s what I had to do with Susie in the early days of our relationship.

By just focusing on THIS moment and showing up as love, the rest has unfolded in beautiful ways I could not have predicted for 26 years now.

Because this moment is all we ever have and because I’ve learned the importance of THIS moment and how it actually creates an amazing love that can last.

Susie and I are going to be talking about more things like this that open up more possibilities for love in our brand new program called “a Million Possibilities for Love.”

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