“Is This As Good As it Gets?”

If you’re asking yourself this question….

“Is this as good as it gets?”

You have a wonderful opportunity in front of you.

It may not seem that way and you may be feeling pretty hopeless about your situation…

But it is an opportunity for you to wake up to possibilities whether you can see them now or not.

You’re being nudged to step back and broaden your view of yourself, your partner and your life.

What we know to be true when we’re in a “Is this as good as it gets?” funk is…

1. We’re focusing on what we don’t want rather than what we do want

When you focus on what you don’t want (even when you’re completely unaware you’re doing it)…

You get more of what you don’t want.

Like attracts like.

That’s just the way it works.

Now that doesn’t mean if we just focus hard enough, a new car will appear in our garage.

It means that if we’re allowing possibilities of a new car or something better and pay attention…

We will get nudges that will lead us in a positive direction toward more of what we want…

Whether it’s that shiny new car or something better.

2. We’re looking outside ourselves for something to fill in a hole or a gap we see in our lives

When you look to someone (or something) else outside to “complete” you and make you happy…

That never does it.

When you think that if that other person would only act in a certain way then you’d be happy…

There’s always something else you can find fault with.

Feeling better starts with looking inside you and “being” what you’d like more of…

And not believing all the limiting thoughts you have!

If you’d like your partner to communicate better with you…

Listen more deeply with kindness and a loving heart.

Also listen more deeply to yourself underneath all the chatter your mind creates.

When your mind settles, you’ll hear or feel nudges that will show you your next step or opportunity.

3. We’re missing moments of love and what’s going right

There are moments of love and “life” that are opportunities for deeper connection that can pass you by if you stop looking for them.

You can miss the opportunity of appreciation and giving your presence and attention that are so crucial in relationships.

You can also miss the opportunity to give those things to yourself as well.

Our invitation to you is to look on your relationships and life with new eyes that see possibilities.

If you’d like to have a conversation with one of us or have a question, contact us here…

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