Is Being Vulnerable a Sign of Weakness or Power?

Many of us grow up thinking that “vulnerable” is a dirty word and a sign of weakness.

We’re taught we have to protect ourselves and be safe from physical and emotional harm by holding back our true feelings.

We don’t want to hurt the other person so we stay silent or say what we think the other person wants to hear.

We can even view holding back who we truly are as keeping all the power in a relationship.

But sooner or later you can discover there’s a price to pay for not being vulnerable.

And that price is a loss of connection and love.

Here’s what Otto has to say about vulnerability…

“When I’m willing to take a chance and reveal things I don’t want to admit (even to myself) I’m vulnerable.

“But there is Power in Vulnerability.

“The fact that there is power in allowing yourself to BE vulnerable has been a tough one for many of my coaching clients to see.

“I understand that because I used to think vulnerability was something to be feared, something to be held back or something to not even accept in yourself (and others.)

“After all, isn’t it a sign of weakness if you allow yourself to be vulnerable?

“I used to think this.

“That is, until I saw that vulnerability is a key ingredient to building and keeping connection.

“I’m still working on this at deeper and deeper levels and I continue to see vulnerability and its power to create closeness and connection with the people in my life.

“I used to think that vulnerability was a weakness.

“Now I see it as a prerequisite to connection.

“No vulnerability = No Connection.

“I’m always going for love…I’m going for a true heart-to-heart-connection.

“But, ONLY Always.

“And in ALL Ways.”

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