How We Misinterpret the Signs From Those We Love

As Judy mulled over what her sister had said, she felt hurt and very angry.

In planning a family reunion on zoom, her sister who Judy had always been close to…

Abruptly told Judy that she didn’t care what happened at the reunion and left the meeting.

Judy read the “signs” that her sister was angry with HER and she had no idea what she’d done to deserve this treatment from someone she loved.

Judy could feel a grudge growing inside her against her sister who’d left the reunion planning completely to her.

Her thoughts ranged from “How dare she leave this to me! I’m busy too!” to…

“I’m sad and miss the closeness I used to feel with my sister.”

The more she mulled these thoughts over, the more emotional she became.

This is exactly what happens in most of our lives.

We either don’t pay attention to the signs or they misinterpret altogether what the signs are telling us.

When someone you’re close to says or does something that seems out of character, we make up “stories,” usually the worst case option.

We make up and think the worst possible reasons for this person’s words or actions to try to make sense of it.

This is all made up from our point of view and may or may not have any truth to it.

The truth is that it can be quite painful when you get the signs wrong.

Any thought you have that takes you away from the possibility of more love…

Are just your fears, doubts, insecurities and the frightened part of your personality talking.

It may be what you secretly believe you deserve and is true about you.

It’s not the truth.

The fact that love is always here and always available to you, me and everyone in total abundance is the truth.

You just have to see that.

As Judy realized that she didn’t really know why her sister acted the way she did, her anger and hurt lessened.

She realized that she could keep making up stories and jump to conclusions about her sister’s action but she really didn’t know.

With this realization, she opened to reaching out to her sister with love.

In a state of genuinely being curious, she texted her sister to see if she’d be willing to talk with her.

Judy didn’t hear back for more than an hour and she tried to distract herself from worry by taking a walk.

When her sister agreed to talk and two of them got together later that day…

Her sister opened up that she was overwhelmed with learning her new job and was fearful of not living up to expectations.

She was also fearful that she couldn’t devote the time planning the reunion it would take.

This wasn’t about anything that Judy did or didn’t do!

When she opened to her sister, her sister could open to her and be honest.

If you’re in a relationship where you’re not sure of what the signs are telling you and have a question, contact us here.

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