The Trick to Handling a Crisis in Love and Life

handling a crisisA crisis in your life can come in all shapes and sizes but what it does do is wake you up to a reality that you may not have wanted to face.

It’s like in the film “Point Break” when Patrick Swayze’s character Bodhi says, “It will sting a bit, but, uh, it’s for your own growth, bro.”

We consciously wouldn’t have chosen this thing to happen that we call a crisis but when we come through it and look back, we can see that we did learn a lot from the experience.

We might even be better for going through it.

One of the tricks to handling a crisis in love and life is to know that it will pass and you will be guided through it if you listen deeply underneath the fearful chatter in your head.

That fearful chatter will try to tell you that the worst scenario that you can think of will happen and your future will be full of misery.

When you believe that fearful thinking, it can keep you stuck longer than you need to be.

When you listen deeply underneath all that fearful chatter, you’ll get a sense of what you need to do in that moment.

It might be to rest and take care of yourself.

It might be to call someone for information about a particular topic related to whatever happened so you can make a conscious decision about what to do next.

–>Important questions to ask if you’re considering whether to stay or go<–

It might be to take bold action that scares you or it might be to do nothing in that moment, knowing the right moment will come to act.

When you know that you’ll be guided through whatever crisis has come your way, you can relax into the flow of it, even though it may not be what you think you want in your life.

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