Being Right or Being Happy–Do You Have to Choose?

One of the ways to have more love in your life and a deeper connection with the people you love is to understand that you don’t have to make the choice about being right or being happy.

So many people believe that you have to sacrifice, make choices and give in in order to be happy when someone else in your life wants something that’s different from what you want.

And if you try to prove you’re right, you risk pushing the other person away and ruining the relationship.

But you don’t want to be a “doormat”–constantly giving in to keep the peace and losing touch with who you really are. You believe that you have to make the choice between being right or being happy–and you can’t have both.

What if happiness doesn’t have anything to do with being right or being wrong?

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What if it didn’t have to be an either/or choice about being happy?

What if your happiness isn’t dependent on something you want to happen in order for you to be happy?

Before you dismiss this idea, just invite the possibility for a moment.

Here are a few common “I’ll be happy if ___________” statements…

*”If she’ll agree to move to this city then I’ll be happy.”

*”If I can find someone to watch the kids on Wednesday night, then I’ll be happy.”

*”If I can find a better job that pays more with a better boss, then I’ll be happy.”

*”If she wouldn’t drink so much at parties on the weekends then I’ll be happy.”

*”If he would treat me like he really loves me instead of someone he has to live with or is stuck with, then I’ll be happy.”

What if you didn’t have a rule that said something you wanted to happen has to happen in order for you to be happy?

What if your happiness wasn’t dependent on anything else?

What if more than one person could be right and you could still be happy?

What if you could be more open to seeing people and situations differently?

What if the other person really was right and you could be happy too?

What if the things that you think are important to be right about aren’t as important as you think they are?

We invite you to consider these questions the next time the choice of being right or being happy hits you in the face.

If you do, you might see something new and different that brings more love and peace into your life.

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