Where Answers to Your Relationship Problems Hide

solve relationship problemsHere’s a quick story about something that happened this week that has nothing to do with relationships but has EVERYTHING to do with solving relationship and other problems.

Our new book, BIG FAT LOVE: The Book of Possibilities comes out in 9 days and I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong.

We had just created an awesome bonus audio called “Making Love Last: Creating Your Vision for Lasting Love” that everyone who orders the book can get but…

There was a BIG problem!

For two days this week I struggled to upload this audio to our servers so everyone who wanted it could get it and…

No matter what I did or how many times I attempted to upload and save the audio into a place where anyone could hear it…

All I got was a persistent error message and nothing changed!

To say that I was frustrated was an understatement!

This is how many, many people feel about their relationship problems that never seem to change.

I’ve certainly had my share of relationship challenges as I’m sure you have as well.

Whether it’s a problem with a relationship that’s important to you or in some other part of your life…

When you mull it over ad nauseum and repeatedly do the same things to “fix” the problem, the answer rarely shows itself!

So when I saw I wasn’t getting anywhere near an answer as to why the audio wasn’t uploading correctly…

I asked a friend who’s a web professional for help.

Although she wasn’t familiar with this particular program, she was willing to help.

But I told her I’d try to remedy my problem one more time before we scheduled time together to work on it.

Well, that next try was a bust as well so I left it all alone for awhile.

The following day, instead of again launching into what I’ve done in the past to fix my problem…

I calmed myself down, let my emotional frustration and sense of failure go and to my surprise, a new idea came from somewhere deep inside me.

Was it “magic” or was it something else?

So what does all of this have to do with you and your “problems”?


When we’re holding on so tightly to what we think is the answer, what we may have done so many times before to solve a problem…

We get the same result–over and over.

When we allow room for fresh thinking, we get fresh answers.

And that begins by quieting our emotions and staying out of our “stories” that we’ve woven about this situation.

You might get the “nudge” to reach out to someone or locate some information to help and that may lead you to the next step.

The solution might come bubbling up inside you when you’re not obsessed about solving it and when your mind is occupied with something else.

The solution may not be anything that’s occurred to you in the past.

It might even be a better answer than you ever could have imagined.

This does take trust in the wisdom that’s always flowing through you, me and all of us all the time.

It does take loving yourself and believing in you.

It also takes opening to some new possibilities.

Okay so that problem of the audio bonus was solved and we’re almost ready to announce the details about how you can get our book, BIG FAT LOVE.

So now I have the problem of a leaking washing machine (that’s only a few months old) to solve.

Anyone know a good plumber?

Much love to you,


If you have a question about your particular relationship problem, ask it here…

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