How the Way We See Things Is Almost Never How They Are

Something happened to me at the car wash last weekend that that made me think I was going a little crazy.

What happened, which I’ll share in a second, was so eye-opening about just how easy and how often we get something wrong that we thought we were right about.

As soon as I left the car wash, not only did my car look a whole lot better but it immediately started running like a brand new car.

I couldn’t believe it. How could running a car through a car wash possibly have such an effect on how the car ran?

This made no sense to me.

The car instantly had more power…

A smoother ride…

And the hesitation I had felt before going to the car wash when I pushed down on the accelerator…


I’m almost embarrassed to say this but…

It took me about 30 minutes to make the connection that (as a possibility) the reason my car was running so great might not have had anything to do with the car wash and everything to do with something else…

The fact that right before taking my car to the car wash, I had filled it up with gas at a station I don’t normally go to.

Could it be that that station had better gas?

Isn’t this the way it is in our relationships and life?

We think things are one way and they’re really another way altogether.

You think your spouse or partner said something and meant one thing that you took offense to but it turned out they meant something else entirely.

We think our possibilities are limited to the one path forward we can see when there’s a whole other world of possibilities we haven’t been able to see yet.

I see this and I forget it.

I see this and I forget it.

Over and over.

How we see things aren’t necessarily how they are.

It’s just what you’re seeing in the moment.

And this could be way wrong, way off or nowhere close to the truth.

How could this phenomenon be showing up in your relationships and life?

And maybe a better question might be…

How can this awareness help you get more clarity about your life more quickly?

These are questions I’m getting in touch with more and more often these days.

They are helping me be kinder, more loving and see more possibilities because I’m cutting off my fearful and erroneous stories at the knees more often.

Who knows what the possibilities could be for you as you start to see this more in your life?

If you have a question how this all plays out in your life,

ask it here…

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