November 17, 2014

Blindsided by Love?

carwreck200.jpg It seemed to come out of no where and then CRASH...

It was several Christmases ago as we remember it VERY well.

About 10:30 on Christmas night ...

We had been on the road for hours and we're exhausted after eating 2 big meals, exchanging gifts with family,
laughing a lot and spending time with both Susie's family and then Otto's family.

Otto was driving.

We were tired.

And then out of nowhere came this big deer that jumps out from behind a guardrail, onto the highway and in front
of our car that was traveling at about 62 miles per hour and wouldn't you know it...

Before we could do anything...


Otto tried to avoid it but we hit the deer with a glancing blow with the front of our car and as a result, most of the right front end was crushed and twisted.

Fortunately, neither of us were hurt and after we realized we were both fine...

The next task was to figure out if we could put the car back together enough to drive home and then, figure out how make it look and run like new again.

Isn't this the way it is sometimes in a relationship?

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November 07, 2014

#18 Saved our butts (we mean marriage)... More than once

Ass-Image140.jpg It wouldn't be exaggerating to say that #18 has saved our marriage more than once and...

Not only has it saved our marriage more than once, but...It's one of the keys to what has helped us to keep our relationship passionate, alive and juicy even after 17 years of being together...

Which one will it be for you?

Will it be number 1?

Number 500?


Will it be something in between like #18 was for us that saves your relationship, helps you keep the spark alive, makes him or her open to you once again or helps you rebuild trust that's been broken?

Here's what we're talking about...

We've put together 500 of our best communication and connection tips a for you in a format you can go through quickly and easily so you can start using them with your spouse, partner or lover immediately and believe us when we say...

They are amazing...

...And any of of these 500 tips or ideas can turn your relationship around and help you start getting the love you really want.

Get them here...

500 Amazing Communication and Connection Secrets

October 28, 2014

Boo... A Scary love Lesson (Learned at a Halloween Party...)

mask.jpg "Take your mask off. I want to see who you really are," Sarah said playfully when she couldn't figure out who was wearing this really UGLY mask at the Halloween party she and her husband Mark went to last weekend.

Turns out, this was a really beautiful woman underneath that UGLY mask and costume that Sarah didn't know and...

Because of how playful Sarah was about all this, the two of them struck up a conversation and are now on the way to becoming fast friends.

Isn't this the way it is sometimes in our love relationships?

Sometimes on the outside, you can come off in pretty ugly ways when inside is this really beautiful person who "means well."

You might not even realize how often you could be coming off in UGLY ways to your beloved and the other important people in your life.

Crazy, huh?

But this is what happens all too often with the people we say we love and care about the most.

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October 17, 2014

What Soul Mates LOVE and HATE about Being Soul mates

couplesilhouetteonbeach2150.jpg There's a lot of talk these days about soul mates...

In fact, people regularly ask us...

"Are you two soul mates?"

Women are wanting to find, have or be with their soul mate and love the idea of what they think will happen when you're in a "soul mate relationship."

We LOVE this because when there's talk in the air about soul mates like there is right now, it allows us to enter a deeper conversation about passion and connection and how to create lasting love that can stay fully alive.

So, what's the truth and reality of being soul mates?

Is it as awesome as you've been led to think and believe it is?


Is it a royal pain in the behind?

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October 10, 2014

Real, Raw and Revealing-- Otto's conversation with a "Tough Guy" about women...

wallsm.jpg If you think men just don't get it when it comes to relationships...

We'll introduce you to the a couple of fantastic communication tips from one of the most unlikeliest of places...

"Mac The Construction Foreman."

Think we're kidding?

We're not.

We've been having some "not so minor" work done on the new house we just moved into a few months ago.

Yesterday, Otto was out doing his self-appointed job of "supervising" the crew that was digging in our yard when he found himself in an absolutely mid-blowing conversation with "Mac" the real foreman of the job.

What was so amazing about this conversation was...

Who this guy was, where he had come from in his life and his stories that he told Otto about the life challenges that
he'd experienced.

Mac was ex-military. Served a couple of tours in Iraq--was tall, muscular and easy-going but at the same time, a no BS kind of guy who never did get that cup of coffee he'd been wanting all morning.

Somehow, Mac trusted Otto and because of this...

He told Otto about things he'd been through that would have made most men shut down, turn off and go sit in a corner somewhere and just be content to have a drink to try to make it through the day instead of being fully engaged in love and life like Mac seemed to be.

The conversation Otto had with Mac was about as real, raw, revealing (and ridiculously good) as any Otto has ever had with a man about women and relationships.

And here's what he said about women and relationships that was totally fascinating and for many men that is "right on target" with how they feel...

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October 06, 2014

Sticky, Messy Conversations--3 Tips for Making Them Easier

CoupleGlaringAtEachOther136.jpg Any conversation can turn ugly and messy if you don't handle it right and today we give you 3 tips for handling conversations that could get ugly fast and what to do instead...

One of the most icky feelings you could ever experience when you're in a relationship or marriage (especially when you've been together a long time) is...

When you feel like you can't say what you think or how you feel.

You can feel unbearably empty and...

It just sucks the life out of you and your relationship.

There are plenty of reasons when you may not feel like you can open up and be honest with your partner or summon the courage to ask for what you want.

But, if you want to be happy--asking for what you want (in a way your spouse or partner can hear it) is something you MUST be able to do.

If you can't talk to your partner in this way, you not only feel disconnected from them but we're guessing that you are also angry and upset (even if you don't want to admit it--even you yourself.)

So, what's the solution?

How can you say what's on your mind and in your heart without fear of what your partner might say, do or how they might react?

How can you really talk to your spouse or partner without either of you getting angry, hurt or defensive?

In a nutshell, it's 3 things that make the difference when you're communicating with someone important to you (isn't that everyone?)...

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September 25, 2014

When Love Goes Bad...Here's What to Do...

couplearmwrestle150.jpg If you're not getting the love you want...

Most people in your situation start asking themselves the question (either consciously or unconsciously)...

Should I stay with this person (even if I love them) or should I move on?

And if you want to stay and rebuild the love, here's something you should know...

It's the most important aspect of any relationship.


It's also the first thing you want to fix if you don't have the love, passion or connection that you want from your partner.

What we're talking about is TRUST.

And no, we're not just talking about lack of trust as in the screaming, crying, thinking your love is over due to him or her cheating on you kind of trust issues.

We're talking about a whole other layer of trust issues that are present in almost every relationship or marriage...

But most people don't see them or realize they are there until it's too late.

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Susie & Otto Collins


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