When to trust your gut instincts in relationships…

It can really be confusing when you feel something just isn’t right but you’re not sure whether to trust your gut instincts feeling–or not.

So you might pull away to guard yourself from what might happen without really knowing the truth or …

You might try to pretend to yourself that everything’s fine or as good as it can be and go on with your life.

But that niggling feeling keeps coming up.

The truth is that we’re guided by our gut instincts all the time without being aware of it.

Sometimes we just move or speak and we don’t know why. It just happens and the urge comes from a place deep inside us.

But when there’s a strong emotion around a particular issue, we question where these gut instincts are coming from and we wonder whether we can trust them or not.

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For instance, if you find that jealousy comes up at the worst times when you just want to enjoy yourself…

You might wonder whether your gut is trying to tell you something or if your mind is just playing tricks on you–again.

You might wonder if that voice that’s telling you something like this…

“He’ll leave you” or “She wants someone else”

Is this telling the truth or making up lies?

One of the tricks to knowing whether your gut is really talking to you and you need to pay attention or it’s your fear and insecurity talking…

Is to understand the difference in those inner voices.

Your fear and insecurity come from thinking that’s played over and over in your mind.

Maybe this fear comes from past experiences and maybe it comes from “waiting-for-the-other-shoe-to-drop” thinking.

Wherever it comes from, this is mind chatter and it gets us revved up, drowning out our true gut instincts.

The two of us have found that by not focusing on the chatter and allowing it to pass on through without giving it more life…

We can actually hear that true, small voice inside which we’re calling our gut instincts.

It’s that voice that we listen to.

The one that says slow down and pay attention to what’s actually happening and not what you’re afraid will happen.

Every time you slow down and pay attention to that inner voice, it does get louder.

It does get easier to allow thoughts and feelings to pass through without attaching meaning to them and allow yourself to listen to what your gut instincts are telling you.

Susie’s grandson is going back to college tomorrow and she had invited him to lunch today so she could spend some time with him before he left.

He cancelled their lunch together and when he did, the thought rolled through her head that he didn’t want to be with her and immediately felt hurt.

But then when she allowed that thought and those feelings to flow through, her gut instincts told her that he needed time for himself today before his academic year started again–and it wasn’t about her.

She could just send him off with love instead of putting up a barrier between the two of them.

Your gut instincts are guiding you in every moment and the question is this…

Are you listening to mind chatter or your true inner voice?

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