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A Toxic Relationship: Are You Caught in One?

negative criticismA “toxic relationship” can simply mean one that is harmful to one or both people in it but what’s “harmful” can be so subjective and can change from moment to moment.

One of the tricks to knowing if you are in a toxic relationship or not and if it be changed to a loving one can probably be summed up in few questions…

Is there any true or actual physical or emotional abuse going on in your relationship?

Are you and/or your partner willing to drop the contempt, resentments and judgments you have for one another and make a fresh start toward loving?

If you answered “yes” to the first question, please understand where we stand on this issue…

No one should ever have to endure physical or emotional pain or abuse of any kind in a relationship in an attempt to get the love they want.

So while “saving” the relationship is always important, it can be even more important to say “yes” to yourself and do what’s best for you.

–>Important questions to ask if you’re considering whether to stay or go<–

If you answered “yes” to the second question…

There are a couple of things most people don’t ever think to consider about a “toxic relationship”…

1) How might you be contributing to the discord (and toxicity) without realizing it?


2) Is there any aspect of you that is lying to yourself about who your partner wants to be or trying to make him or her into someone else?

Are you trying to convince yourself this person is the “right” spouse, partner or lover for you right now?

If you want to transform a toxic relationship into a loving one, it takes having an open heart about what’s possible without painting an unrealistic picture of the other person and combining that with deeply loving yourself.

Toxic relationships can change and it can also be for your best interest to let them go.