Stop worrying and rebuild trust…

stop worryingWorrying is one of those things that all of us do.

We find things to worry about in our relationships, lives and even at work and about our finances and yet...

It's NOT helpful...

We sit and we stew and mull things over and agonize about little things and big things in our lives and the only thing that happens when you worry (even a little bit is...

The little things get bigger and the big things get even bigger (at least in your head.)

If you're into worrying and want to stop, check out our video...

Video--->>> How To Stop Worrying About Everything (or anything)

–>Here’s a way to get back to trusting and loving<–

Below are a couple of tips you can use right now for building and rebuilding trust in your relationship or marriage...

Tip # 1) There's no way to rebuild trust between you and your partner (or anyone) as long as you're focused on the past.

Real, sustainable lasting love and real trust is built only by living in the present moment. Spend as much time there (in the present moment) as possible.

When you're mulling over the past or worrying about what might happen in the future, you miss what's happening right not which could be opening the door to trusting again.

So gently remind yourself to get present when you slip into the past or future.


Tip #2)

Watch your "Stories" about what is or isn't possible in your relationship or marriage.

Anytime you find yourself thinking and believing thoughts like...

"I'll never be able to trust him again..."

"He wants her more than me..."

"Once a cheater always a cheater"


"I need to protect my heart and make sure I don't get hurt again..."

Remind yourself that these are just thoughts (which may not be true) and can change moment by moment.

When you're weaving "stories" in your mind, especially those that you don't know whether they're true or not, just notice those thoughts and don't give attention to them.

If you need to take action, you will be prompted from inside you to do it but spinning negative stories will not help you to build trust.

Worry doesn't build trust. Love and listening to your inner wisdom about the kindest, most loving way to open your heart while still having boundaries does.

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