A Slight Shift in Perspective for Happier Relationships

Recently I had a burst of insight…

I was in the middle of one of my “I-know-what’s-right-for-Otto” thoughts as he was telling me a plan he was hatching…

And just as quickly, another thought came rushing in…

“Oh, wait a minute! Otto’s idea may be the best for him and my way may not be better.”

In that aha moment, I could see the glimmer of another truth and a shift in perspective.

A slight shift in the way I was seeing the situation.

In moments like these, it’s oh so easy for me to immediately get sucked into thinking that my way is the “right” way, especially when it comes to Otto.

When I think I have a better answer or better plan, I then come across as being closed to anything other than what I think is right.

Sometimes I actually do have a better plan but I’ve realized that when I close the door to any discussion, even unconsciously…

I also close the door to connection, understanding and love.

But this was among the times when I saw something different.

I could see an opening into some kinder, more loving and connected way of being with my partner.

With that slight shift in perspective, I was guided to possibilities that kept my heart open and actually allowed me to listen.

Because I was open to listening to Otto’s point of view, he could listen to me as well and we avoided an argument and hurt feelings.

This also happened with someone I was having a no charge coaching conversation with recently…

I was speaking with a woman who felt like she was in a hopeless situation in her marriage and had been for a number of years.

She was embarrassed about what she had allowed to go on for years and couldn’t see a way forward.

As we talked, she began to see a slight opening into something new and different.

She had a slight shift in perspective that maybe her life wasn’t as hopeless as it seemed…

That maybe she could take some steps that would make her life better.

That maybe she deserved to have more happiness and peace.

Here’s what I know to be true…

  • What you’re choosing to perceive, believe and accept as true comes through all your communication.
  • If there’s conflict in your relationship or in your life, the place to start looking is the thinking you’re believing to be true that may not be.
  • A shift in perspective happens in a flash when you’re open to looking in a different direction.
  • When your perspective changes, even slightly, you can see something new and a door opens that you can step through into a happier, easier, more peaceful life and relationships.

We all deserve that and so much more.

If you’d like help seeing a new perspective,

contact me for a conversation here…

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