Almost Everyone Has THIS Problem (and Doesn’t Know it)–Letting Go of What’s Holding You Back

Jenni and Jessica are two women originally from the Midwest who, by all accounts, seem to have everything in life…

Except for the one thing they want most.

Jenni is 45 and wants a closer connection with her husband Matt and doesn’t know why she doesn’t have it.

Jessica is 52, a single mother of three college-aged girls and wants a higher income so she can help her children finish school without them needing to take on any more debt.

They’ve tried and tried and can’t seem to create what they truly want in their lives.

What’s going on here?

Why can’t these smart, intelligent beautiful(inside and out) women create what they want most?

After all, these women are well-educated, have great support systems, with many friends and a loving extended families.

There’s no reason why these women shouldn’t be able to create everything their hearts desire.

But something seems off….

What is it that’s keeping them from having the love and the life they want?

It’s something called conflicting beliefs….

And we all have them.

Conflicting beliefs are when one part of you wants something and another part of you holds a counter belief that repels the thing you want and keeps you from getting it.

Simple, right?

But not so simple when you’re living it!

Conflicting beliefs are so strong and so powerful that they continually butt heads against each other and prevent you from allowing the best in you to shine through.


For instance, when Jenni paused and really looked, she made a life-changing discovery.

She saw that since her grandfather passed many years ago, she’d held a little of herself back from loving others.

Since she’d been his favorite, his loss had hit her hard and somewhere inside, she’d decided not to love like that again.

When she truly saw what had been ruling her life without her knowing it…

She could see ways she could open in genuine love for her husband and make different choices from her new vantage point.


When Jessica allowed her inner chatter about how much the girls’ education was going to cost and how she’d never figure out how to make that much money…

She saw how the fear she constantly carried wasn’t allowing any solution to show itself.

Beneath that fear, she realized that she’d been carrying the unconscious belief that the amount she’d been earning in her job was at the upper limits of what she was capable of.

When Jessica saw how ridiculous her belief was and that she could make the choice to not accept it as truth an longer…

She could be free to explore other job options with the clear intention to create more income for her daughters’ education.

What about you?

Could it be possible that (just like Jenni and Jessica) you have inner conflicts that are getting in your way of having more love and all the other good things you want in life?

Of course it is.

The trouble is if you’re like most people, you don’t know or can’t tell when conflicting beliefs are keeping you from what you want.

We want to help you identify and let go of anything that holds you back in life.

That’s why we’re inviting you to an online class we’re doing on Zoom Tuesday, January 18 at 8pm eastern/5 pm pacific.

It’s called “The Freedom Session: Letting Go of What’s Holding You Back”…

And in this class, we’ll help you identify and let go of whatever is holding you back in love and life.

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