What if love didn't have to be such a struggle?...

Discover 3 common-sense ways to create a stress-free relationship with all the love you could ever want

Do you struggle with your relationship?

Is communicating difficult in your relationship and you feel stuck?

Are you struggling with trusting again after it's been broken?

Have you been trying to get over jealousy but haven't been able to do so?

Do you want a more loving relationship and life but don't know where to start?


If you answered "yes" to the questions above, nearly 25 years ago that was us too. Now, we spend our time sharing with people where to look to have all the love they could ever want--a love free of stress, anxiety, pain, mistrust and disappointment. If you want more love and a closer and more connected relationship, it's time you started looking in a new direction and we're here to be your guides.

Susie & Otto Collins- Co-Founders, Stress-Free Love



Vulnerability in Love and Life– A Good Thing or Something Else? By Otto Collins

By Otto Collins | September 28, 2022

There was about a two week window of time after I told my first wife I was leaving her that was totally real, raw and vulnerable. Most of the time, I’d just as soon forget all the stuff that happened before (and after) that caused […]

Is Being Vulnerable a Sign of Weakness or Power?

By Susie and Otto Collins | September 26, 2022

Many of us grow up thinking that “vulnerable” is a dirty word and a sign of weakness. We’re taught we have to protect ourselves and be safe from physical and emotional harm by holding back our true feelings. We don’t want to hurt the other […]

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Relationship Danger Signs and How to Benefit From Them…

By Susie and Otto Collins | September 21, 2022

Are you making this classic mistake in your relationship? Some people ignore the “danger signs” in their relationship for far too long. That’s exactly what Hal did… In fact he did it for 10 years. Now he’s asking us for help–but is it too late? […]

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