Getting a Fresh Start in Love and Falling in Love Again

fresh startOne of the best ways to get a fresh start in anything…

Especially falling in love again is to realize that this moment is a new moment.

And in order to fall in love again, you do need a fresh start!

If that’s not happening, there could be a couple of reasons…

1. You’re dragging around the past–something that’s happened in the past that you continue to hold onto and carry the hurt, disappointment and anger into this moment…

And reliving the past is preventing you from getting a fresh start.


2. You’re focusing on a fearful future based on the fears that may or may not happen and bringing them into the present moment.

It’s painful to do either of these–and we all do them…

But you don’t have to keep doing them!

The truth is that the only thing you’re ever up against is your thinking in the moment.

When you understand that your thinking is going to change–your thoughts about situations and about the people that you love and care about are going to change from moment to moment…

Then it’s no longer a big deal if your thinking in the present moment about that person or about what may or may not have happened in the past isn’t all that positive.

When you realize that thoughts come and go and not to take them seriously, this new moment can start to appear more vividly with more possibility.

When you see life and relationships in this way, your energy shifts and everything changes.

The key to getting a fresh start then is the willingness and the openness to see something new in the present moment.

An example from our lives of this is the picture of Susie from 10 years ago that Otto has on his office wall.

In his opinion, it’s one of the best, sexiest pictures of her he has.

And at the same time, he doesn’t think that picture is nearly as amazing as the current version of Susie.

One of the reasons is that he realizes that as much as he loves that picture of her, if he was attached to having that version of Susie then there wouldn’t be any space to be in love, be appreciative and find the current version of her as incredible as he does.

In other words, he really is focused on seeing her with fresh eyes as much of the time as possible right now.

And that’s having a fresh start in every moment and falling in love again.

If you’re struggling with finding a fresh start, begin right here, right now in this present moment.

Allow yourself to discover something new and fresh about your partner.

Just for one moment, let the past stay in the past and let the future be in the future and see what’s possible.

The present moment is where the love is.

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