How to Find Gratitude When You’re Just Not Feeling It…

When it comes to gratitude…

We all know that we just feel better and are happier when we can have a grateful attitude toward life but…

How to you find gratitude when you’re just not feeling it?

The answer is–you can’t.

You can’t find, see or be an expression of gratitude when you’re not feeling it because the reason you’re not feeling it is always in direct conflict to the feeling of gratitude.


Try it and see what happens…

Just try to make yourself angry or upset…

Tell yourself how unloved you are or how awful your life is with total belief and certainty and see if you can find even an ounce of gratitude in that moment.

We think you’ll find that it’s impossible.

You can only find gratitude when you are living in the feeling of possibilities instead of impossibilities.

The feeling of love instead of being unloveable.

You can only find gratitude (and it’s close cousin appreciation) when you look in the direction of the gift of the moment instead of the pain, lack or disappointment.

You can’t force gratitude to show up in any given moment but…

One of the tricks to finding gratitude when you’re just not feeling it is…

Slowing down your mind.

All the fear and the thoughts you believe that get in the way of gratitude come from a revved up mind.

Slow it down by just simply stopping.

It seems so simple…

And then when your mind slows, a space opens to see something new.

You can see the kindness that was shown to you that you didn’t expect.

You can see the abundance that’s in your life.

Last week Susie volunteered with her daughter to serve dinner at a community soup kitchen and the gratitude overflowed.

Here were people who appeared to not have much but what they did have was appreciation for a hot meal.

What would happen if you slowed down enough this week to allow appreciation for each moment in your life?

How would your relationships change for the better?

We invite you to try it and see!

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