Changing My Position (To Ease the Pain)

A couple of mornings ago, as I was waking up from my night’s sleep, I noticed that my body was in a little bit of a strange position and my back was hurting…

But I just continued to lie there.

And as I continued to lie there with my back hurting, I had the thought occur to me…

“You don’t have to stay in this position. You can change positions.”


In that moment, for some reason, I realized that THAT thought had real power.
Not just in that moment where I was just waking up from my night’s sleep but its power was WAY deeper than that.

As I think about it…
The thought, “You can change positions and your back won’t hurt…”

That’s been my life.

That’s been your life.

And in a way, that’s everybody’s life.

It’s crazy to think about really but…

How many times have I stayed in situations, places, or held onto positions (or ways of seeing things) that were painful when all I had to do was change or shift something… even just a little bit and things could be different?

When I look back on my life, there have been plenty of situations, places and especially relationships where I’ve stayed too long.

But the big one in my life has been how much, how often and how deeply I’ve been stuck in a certain position (or way of seeing life) for way too long when all I would have had to do was shift or change something within me (even just a little bit) and things would have been totally different way sooner than it took for them to shift and move otherwise.

I know that things always happen in their own timing in life.
I get that.

And in this moment, I’m also being reminded of how I can change “positions” when something is painful or not working for me.

I’m learning (or should I say relearning)…
You don’t have to stay in a position if it’s painful.
You don’t have to stay stuck in a position if there’s a better way.
You can choose something else.
You can choose a different path.
You can choose a different way of being.

I’m not really glad my back was hurting when I woke up that morning a few days ago but I am grateful for the insight.

When that thought occurred to me, all I did was shift my position in the bed just a little bit and my back no longer hurt.

Sometimes in life that’s all we have to do to stop the pain, to stop what’s hurting us or to stop anything that isn’t serving us is shift our position…

Even just a little bit and miracles can occur.

Seeing this (again) has really helped me. I hope it helps you as well.

If you’d like to talk with me about making a shift in some position in your life, contact me here…

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