One of the Tricks to Changing Communication to Win at Love

changing communicationWay too many people want to change communication in their relationships or marriages but they don’t know how.

One of the reasons they are stuck is they are playing the WRONG communication game.

Most people communicate with each other from their wants, fears, doubts, insecurities and habits.

But then they’re left wondering why their communication (and their relationships) are in need of some serious help.

If you want to have better communication and MUCH more love…

It’s time to change the communication game you’re playing.

It’s time to communicate from love more of the time.

Okay, so most of us would like to do that and it seems like a no brainer but somehow we get caught in the same communication trap over and over–and we don’t know how to get out.

One woman we talked with asked a very good question that went something like this…

“I would like to come from love but it’s hard to get through my anger and resentment when my husband gets sarcastic and just plain mean when I try to talk with him about certain subjects.”

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Since we all communicate from the thoughts we make real and believe to be true…

And we react to what we perceive is going on with other people…

It’s no wonder we have trouble communicating what’s truly on our minds and in our hearts.

So what’s one of the tricks to changing communication and not falling into the anger/resentment trap?

We spoke with one woman who’s taken a few of our courses and told us how her communication has changed.

She said when she feels herself getting triggered and about to go on a defensive rant, she just stops.

She’s realized that communication can’t happen when both people are stuck in anger and defensiveness.

She told us that after she’s calmed down, she’s able to get the words out that she needs to say in a much kinder, more loving way–and the other person actually listens.

When she’s not making up stories about why the person is acting the way he or she seems to be acting…

She’s able to listen more closely, be more open and ask questions.

Changing this woman’s communication game began with awareness and a desire and willingness to have a different experience.

How about you?

Are you willing to change communication and the game you’ve been playing for more love?

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