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Are there things that are hard for you to talk about with your spouse, partner or lover?


Don't just fight about or tiptoe around touchy subjects...

Talk about them in an open, honest, loving way that builds connection...

The How to Talk About Touchy Subjects audio program shows you how

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"You have given me hope about my marriage. I am a newlywed and I have been struggling with the changes and adjustments that come with it, and now I understand what I need to do. Thanks Susie and Otto. I don't know you, but I feel like you understand what my husband and I are going through." Dana

"How to Talk About Touchy Subjects" is a powerful guide to resolving these hot button issues without anyone getting angry or shutting down...

  • Money

  • Sex

  • An Ex

  • The kids

  • Flirting

  • Cheating

Do you want to...

  • Stop feeling stuck and move forward?
  • Get the peace you've always wanted?
  • Stop fighting?
  • Be heard and understood?

If so, you're in the right place...


Why Avoiding Talking About Touchy Subjects Seems Like Such a Good Idea --But It Isn't...

Do you avoid talking about touchy subjects?

Of course you do.

We all do.

We all want to have peace in our relationships and bringing up subjects that are filled with land mines that could explode in any moment that will disrupt even an uneasy peace, just doesn't seem to make sense.

It seems easier to swallow the words, complain to friends or family members or pretend it's not happening than to be honest with each other and talk about it...

In the short term, it may SEEM easier but here's the problem it creates for you in your relationship or marriage...

When you're withholding some very important feelings from your partner, you're building walls (or making the walls even stronger that are already there) between the two of you that do not allow true connection and intimacy to happen.

When you withhold something that is really important to you, the distance that's already there becomes even bigger because of how you act toward him or her as you hold back your feelings and words.

Even though you may not think you're holding back and treating him or her differently, you are and your partner can feel it.

Maybe you've avoided talking about some touchy subject all together or maybe you've brought the subject up before and it's caused an argument or to pull away from you even further.

If this describes what's going on in your relationship, we have some suggestions for you...

Talking About "Touchy Subjects" With Your Partner Is Easy When...

LoveCouplemedsmWhat you may not understand about talking about a touchy subject or anything for that matter is that it can actually be easy (or at least much easier than it usually is in your relationship.)

Consider this...

In order for your partner to be open to a deep, emotional discussion where he or she has to open up and be vulnerable at a level that's WAY past the comfort zone, two things must be present...

Your partner MUST feel safe and he or she MUST feel like there's a payoff if they're going to open up and be vulnerable enough to have a conversation like the one you want to have.

Think about you for a moment...

Aren't you MUCH more willing to be open to a deep, meaningful heart-opening conversation where you'd be vulnerable when you feel safe and you feel like there's a payoff after it's over?

It's the same way with your partner.

On the surface, it may not seem like it at first, but your partner is just like you in that at some level he or she truly wants to connect deeper with you but just like you--the fears get in the way.

Remove the fear and give him or her some clue that all this emotional talk will be "worth it" and your partner will amaze you with how open and revealing he or she is willing to be--even about the touchiest subjects of all.

What's the Touchy Subject you wish you could talk about? 

Awhile back, we did survey of the 40,000 + women who get our relationship advice emails and newsletters because we wanted to find out just how big of a problem this is for women and what these "touchy" subjects are.

Here is what the women who responded to our survey said their most touchy subjects were...

The women said it's hard for them to talk about...

    ♥ Sex, orgasms (or lack of them) and her sexual desire

    ♥ Different views about money

    ♥ Relationship commitment and how he feels about their relationship

    ♥ Jealous feelings, insecurity and why he seems to "lust" after other women but not her

    ♥ Infidelity--his or hers

    ♥ An ex (his or hers)

    ♥ Past relationships (his or hers)

    ♥ Her needs not getting met

    ♥ Lack of quality time together

    ♥ In laws and extended family

    ♥ Parenting

    ♥ The ways he treats his friends compared to her

    And many more topics

Look at the list above and ask yourself--"What's the most touchy subject in MY relationship?"

If there's anything in that list or if there's anything else that's a touchy subject for you in your relationship, we highly suggest that you get our "How To Talk About Touchy Subjects" which includes two audios and an Action Guide you can download to your electronic devices.

Here are just a few of the topics we cover in this program ...

  • How to tear down his walls that prevent intimacy and connection
  • The 5 things you can do to prepare yourself before you talk
  • How to make requests to your partner that are acknowledged and actually completed
  • Scripts to use when you talk about sex, money, infidelity, jealousy, relationship commitment, past relationships and much more
  • What you MUST be sure you do if you want your partner to listen to you
  • The statements to eliminate from your vocabulary right now if you want him or her to open up to you
  • How to have more trust and connection between the two of you

    And for a limited time, the program is yours for $9.99

How to know if this 'How To Talk About Touchy Subjects' is for you...

One of the first ways you can know that you need this information is if there are any doubts, fears or hesitations coming up right now about how difficult talking with your partner openly and honestly about certain things are.

In fact, any self talk you have that says it isn't possible for you and he or she will only shut you down (again) if you try to talk about what's so important to you is also a sign that you should get "How to Talk About Touchy Subjects."

The truth is that nothing will change if you don't change something and in this audio, we're giving you the tools to make talking about touchy subjects much easier than you ever thought.
Love Never Has to Die

We have a very simple belief about love, romance and relationships that is radically different from most people that we hope you'll buy into, even a little bit.

If you do, we think it could change your relationships and life forever.

This belief is that love, passion, romance and the spark NEVER has to die in your relationship or marriage.

We believe that there are some very simple things that you can do to keep the love, passion, romance and spark alive forever.

One of these is having the courage AND the skills to be able to talk about anything--even the most difficult or "touchy subjects."  

That's why we're offering this relationship-changing information...

It's time for you to start getting more of the love, passion and connection that you want.

You simply can't get the love and connection you want if you have things you can't talk about.

We've made this program incredibly affordable at only $9.95 and offer a money-back guarantee for 60 days--so you can't lose!

Click the "Add to Cart" button above to get our "How To Talk About Touchy Subjects" program to start creating a happier and healthier relationship.

You'll be glad you did!

We wish you all the love and happiness you want!

Relationship Coaches and Authors

Susie and Otto Collins

Susie & Otto Collins

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