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With Father's Day coming up, order a copy of the book Preaching to Monkeys between now and Father's Day at 12 midnight Pacific time--and you'll get a special bonus of the audio version of Otto reading the book that isn't available YET at any price.

Here's what you do...

1. Order 1 or more copies of Preaching to Monkeys from

2. Forward a copy of your receipt to us at

3. You'll get an advance copy to the email address you send us of the audio version of Otto reading the book.

The audio version is valued at $32 and isn't available anywhere at any price yet.

You can get a copy of the audio version at no charge just by ordering a copy of the paperback version for yourself or someone in your life from now until Father's Day at 12 midnight Pacific time.

This is a great Father's Day gift and to give you a taste of the bonus you'll get if you act now, here's a 4 minute sample...

Read what others who read advance copies of Preaching to Monkeys have to say about it below...

"[Preaching to Monkeys] definitely opened my eyes to the fact that really all we want is to know that we are loved. Things could be so much better in marriage and relationships if we made sure to convey it often instead of only in crisis. I really saw several instances that related to my life and made me think on experiences with my dad and now my sons and how to focus on things that really matter. Hopefully readers will take away that we shouldn't take for granted our relationships-family, friends or acquaintances and make an effort to show love instead of staying wrapped up in self."
- Randy Hughes

"The first chapter really resonated with me and really got my mind thinking about myself and my attitude to my kids and what my father was like. It really grabbed my attention to read more of the book. I like the honesty of your writing and am sure that many others can relate to the experiences you've mentioned. A gripping read."
- Steven Teepa

"Loved all messages of self-love and from a man's point of view! This book will help anyone get real with our feelings, man or woman. The encouragement to drop the judgment and own our accountability clearly came through. To let go of 'should haves' and 'could haves' is a big message and that we are all doing the best we can.
Great job!"
- Catharine Nimon

"I think the life lessons in this book are not limited to father-son relationships, but also mother- daughter or any adult-child relationship. I think it is engaging and will be useful to fathers, sons and the people who love them."
- Joe Quinn

"I love how personal, honest, and simple [Preaching to Monkeys] is, especially with the leading questions at the end of most chapters that help the reader see their life from new perspectives and apply new things. I like how each chapter is 'bite-size', meaning that they are not too long or too short-just perfect and that you could stop reading, pick it up later and not have to re-read everything to regain context. I am glad to have read this while my father is still living, as we have grown apart ever since I left home at 18. I feel that there is a lot of misunderstanding on both sides, but there is still time to fix it!"
- Michael Carta

"Inside this book, Otto shares many personal and heartwarming experiences that helped him know-even though it may not seem like it at times-that there is a divine order to life. Healing close relationships is one key to expanding your world view this way. This book can help you upgrade your thoughts and actions, to consciously choose gratitude, joy, love, and peace no matter what has happened in your past. And that, in turn, allows you to enjoy the greatest life you have envisioned. I highly recommend Preaching to Monkeys and applying its insights to your own life."
- Mark Pitstick, MA, DC,,

"You can really feel the compassion and love growing as the book moves along, as did my own understanding of how it is possible. Depending on our perception in the moment, things can constantly change. It reads very easily, and I caught myself a few times thinking of people I'd like to read it. It wasn't filled with fancy words and word-pooping (using many more words than necessary). It was so easy to digest, yet filled with juicy nuggets of wisdom in an easy compelling way."
- Veronica Bouveng

"Nothing, absolutely nothing, is more powerful than the relationship between parent and child. Give your heart, mind and soul to understanding and accepting the life-giving power of this relationship and you enter a land of profound healing. In this book, with heart riveting transparency and courage, Otto Collins places his evolving journey with his father before you. His frank, genuine and insightful recounting of his story triggers your story, forgotten places and enables you to free yourself from the unspoken bond that keeps you from your father and from loving and being loved more deeply."
- Dr. Bob Huizenga,
Author of Save Your Marriage Forever -
the 3 EASY LOVE Laws,,

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