Love Made Easy Podcast

EP63: You Love Each Other But Want Different Things

May 2, 2022


Sometimes two people love each other but want different things in love (or life.)

Some people fight with or even bully the other person to try to get their way.

Some people quit or surrender to what the other wants just to stay together.

Other people try logic, reason, manipulation, guilt-trips, intellectualizing or a million other ways to try to get the other person to want what they want.

But what if there’s a better way to grow your love and connection when you love each other but want different things?

In this episode, (EP63) of the Love Made Easy Podcast, that’s what we’re exploring– what to do when there’s love but you want different things.

Listen to this episode now or download it for later and let us know your thoughts and questions.

Blessings and Love to you,

Susie and Otto Collins

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