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EP57: How To Deal With Anger (Yours or Someone Else’s)

February 21, 2022


We all get angry. The question is, how do you deal with it when it comes up?

When it comes to anger, are you a “spewer” or a “shover”?

How about the people in your life…are they “spewers” or “shovers”?

Meaning… Some people spew it outward toward the person or situation that made them upset and other people shove it down and try to ignore the fact that they’re angry.

The point is, when anger arises in you (or someone else) it’s critically important to know where anger comes from and how to deal with it when it does.

This, (How to deal with Anger) and so much more is what we’re talking about in this episode (episode 57) of the Love Made Easy Podcast.

Blessings and Love to you,

Susie and Otto Collins

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