Love Made Easy Podcast

EP49: How Gratitude Creates Miracles in Love and Life

November 22, 2021


What if true, genuine gratitude could create miracles in your relationships and life?

That’s what’s on offer when you make one simple shift about how you see (and use) gratitude in your life.

In this episode, (episode 49) of our Love Made Easy podcast, we’re exploring the 2 different kinds of gratitude. The kind that feels like an obligation (and doesn’t open hearts and minds to love) and the kind that just “rises up from within you” that literally creates instant miracles in people’s lives.

We’re also exploring how seeing (and opening to) gratitude brings you more peace, love and heartfelt connection with the people you care about most.

In this episode, we’re talking about gratitude that shifts your whole sense of being into a more radiant field of love and connection.

If you want to know how a simple thing like gratitude can change your life for the better instantly, listen to this episode now and discover how much easier love can be for you in your life.

Blessings and Love to you,

Susie and Otto Collins

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