Love Made Easy Podcast

EP:03 Loving Through Differences

November 30, 2020


How do you love (or even like) someone when there are such big differences between you? In this episode we’re talking about how to love through differences. Let’s face it, when someone else–even someone you love and care about– is really different from you–those differences can drive you crazy and cause you to build a wall around your heart, keeping you apart, distant and separated.  The good news is, differences don’t have to ruin your relationships.

In fact, in this episode, we talk about a totally new way of seeing differences that can actually pull two people closer together instead of push them apart.  We’ll explain our ideas about negotiating differences, how one simple word can make or break your love, how to love someone in spite of the differences and when to keep your walls and defenses up.

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Blessings and love to you.

Susie and Otto Collins

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