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EP20: When You Emotionally Check Out of a Relationship or Life

March 29, 2021


One of the most damaging things that take you away from the love and relationships you want is when you, the other person or both of you emotionally check out.

Emotionally checking out of a relationship, a situation or even just a conversation is something we’ve all done, but why?

And why is this such a problem?

In this episode  (EP20) of The Love Made Easy Podcast, we’re exploring why we emotionally check out, why it’s such a big problem and how to make sure emotionally checking out doesn’t create problems for you that you don’t want in your relationships and life.

Emotionally checking out is a much bigger problem than you might think and there are new ways of looking at this whole topic and new ways of making sure “checking out” doesn’t ruin your relationships.

Love and relationships shouldn’t have to be such a struggle. Listen to this episode now for some great ideas for how to make love MUCH easier.

Blessings and Love To You

Susie & Otto Collins

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