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Discover The Exact Words To Say That Stop Fights, Arguments and Disagreements...Use THESE Words and You'll Pull Your Partner Closer AND Keep Your Love (and the Spark) Alive Forever...

One of the reasons people argue, fight, break up and get divorced is because they don't know how to communicate in the most loving ways possible.

Far too many people have trouble finding the right words to say in difficult situations. Far too many people are using words that kill love and connection, And far too many people are using words that push people away and create a divide between them and the people they care about when it doesn't have to be this way.

Knowing the best words to use in critical moments, when love is on the line, is one of the most important skills you can learn (if you want to keep love alive.)

We can help you with this.

But first, we'll ask you...

Do You Have These Challenges?

  • Have you ever been in a relationship situation where you've said the WRONG thing to someone and you wished you could have immediately taken back what you said because of all the problems it caused?
  • Have you ever just not known what to say to someone to make a situation work out and you just kept quiet because you didn't want to cause problems by saying the wrong thing or saying something that could be taken the wrong way?
  • Have you ever wished that you knew what to say to your partner or spouse before you said something that would cause the two of you to become disconnected or even more distant?
  • Have you ever struggled to find the right words to say to your partner to explain yourself and your feelings and he or she would listen?
  • Have you ever caused a fight with your partner, said things you regreted and you don't even know how or why it happened?
  • Have you ever felt like the people closest to you didn't "get" you and you just wanted to feel more understood by those you love?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, you aren't alone.


Being able to say the right words in the right way is something everyone wants but is not always easy.

Being able to use the right words at the right time so you can speak the truth openly and honestly, along with wanting to feel heard, understood and appreciated, are some of the biggest challenges that most people face.

Saying the wrong thing to someone (sometimes even the smallest thing) can cause conflict and absolutely wreck a relationship.

This is why using what we call "magic words" is so important in creating a close, connected, vital and alive relationship and why we created our "Magic Relationship Words" program and for a limited time, offering it at a reduced price.

What Are "Magic Words" and What Is
the "Magic Relationship Words" Program?

"Magic Relationship Words" is a program available for a limited time at a huge discount and is designed to help you say it right every time so your partner stays open and listens to you even during conflict. You'll discover what not to say for greater connection and love and how to communicate to build trust when it's been broken.

This Offer Expires In...

Here's What You Get In The Program...


Magic Relationship Words Ebook

Instantly downloadable ebook with over 100 magic words, phrases and sentence starters that will help you say it right every single time with your spouse or partner


Magic Relationship Words That Build Trust Audio Program

2 instantly downloadable audios about how to use ONLY the words that build trust in your relationship or marriage.


The Top 10 Communication Mistakes People Make in Their Relationships Ebook
Here are 10 of the master keys on how to start improving communication now with everyone in your life.


Dumb Things Couples Say That Kill Passion & Love Ebook
Here are 77 of the dumbest things couples say that you shouldn't say to your partner if you want to have a close and connected relationship.


"How to Handle Upsets with Magic Relationship Words" Video
Here's how to ease upsets even before they happen and specific, real-life examples of Magic Relationship Words in action from Susie and Otto.


"Magic Relationship Words"
Special Offer

$27 (normally $47)

  • "Magic Relationship Words" Ebook
  • "Magic Relationship Words That Build Trust" Audios
  • "Dumb Things Couples Say That Kill Passion & Love" Ebook
  • "The Top 10 Communication Mistakes People Make in Their Relationships" Ebook
  • "How to Handle Upsets with Magic Relationship Words" Video

This Offer Expires In...

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This "Magic Relationship Words" Program will...


Teach you what to say in the right way to increase love and connection


Show you words that build trust and reduce stress


Explain how to speak the truth openly and honestly


Encourage your partner to communicate for closer intimacy


Give you what not to say that causes distance

How You Can Use "Magic Relationship Words" to Create Closer Connections...

If you're not getting the love, passion, intimacy or depth of connection that you want, one of the biggest reason is because of the words you use and how you use them when you communicate.

Use the wrong words in the wrong way and what you get is conflict and relationship disaster.

Use the right words in the right way and it's almost like waving a magic wand because what you get is "magic."

That's why we call these words "magic" because when you use them they can work like "magic" to open both you and your partner's hearts, create more love, more connection, more intimacy and more of whatever you want in your relationship.

These words can make the difference between whether you feel loved, cared for and connected or you feel alone, separated, distant and disconnected from your partner.

How We Learned to Use "Magic Words" In Our Relationship and How You Can Too...

Long before we started writing books, doing seminars, creating programs and working with people, like you in our Relationship Breakthrough coaching practice--and prior to our relationship together--we had both come out of long-term marriages.

Susie was married to someone else for 30 years and Otto's prior marriage lasted 15 years.

During that time and in those previous relationships, we both made every conceivable communication mistake you could make.

Saying the wrong thing at the wrong times and doing a poor job of communicating certainly wasn't the only reason those marriages didn't last but putting our "foot in our mouths," using the wrong words or saying the wrong thing to our partners certainly contributed to those relationships ending.

Otto specifically remembers on quite a few occasions during his first marriage, late at night sitting in the basement of the apartment where they lived, trying to figure out the right words to say to get his wife to tell him what she was thinking, feeling and why she seemed so distant to him.

In Susie's situation--she and her first husband seemed to just go along living separate lives together until it was clear that the relationship was over.

Communication was civil but frustrating. Susie can recall many occasions where she felt like she was emotionally "clawing" at him so he'd reveal what he was feeling--but never to her satisfaction.

Fast forward several years later after those marriages ended and we got together...

When We First Got Together, We Were Lousy at Communicating With Each Other...


During the first part of our relationship, our bond and connection was so strong and it felt so good being together that we essentially ignored the fact that we had lousy communication skills when it came to intimate relationships.

We were relying on pure magnetism and attraction to make our relationship work.

(BTW that's our wedding photo!)

In hindsight, we have to admit this part of our lives was pretty exciting, but we figured out that we couldn't do this forever.

When the "honeymoon" period of our relationship started coming to a close, we realized that it was going to take more than just magnetism and attraction if we were going to make it for the long-haul.

We somehow intuitively knew that if we didn't learn the secrets to communicating with each other, even though our connection and attraction was strong, we probably wouldn't make it either.

We knew we had to do something and that's when we started studying everything we could get our hands on about relationships.

We read books, listened to audio programs, attended seminars, got coaching, and found mentors--and as a result of our desire to keep our relationship strong, healthy, vibrant, alive and connected...we started practicing new ideas that deepened our love.

Here's One of the Most Important Things That Changed Everything...

living from love

As a result of all this studying and really digging deep into our relationships, we figured out...

The words and the attitude underneath those words we use when we talk to one another matter.

In fact, when we felt really close and connected, there were certain things we would say to each other (in certain ways we might add) that would help us feel even more connected. So we started doing more of it.

When we started using these words and phrases more intentionally, our relationship began to grow even deeper.

We discovered that if you use the right words in the right ways, your old ways of communicating just fade away because this changes everything in your relationship for the better.

So we compiled a list of these words and phrases so you can enjoy more love and connection as well!

Here's an Example of One of These "Magic Words" Phrases in Action...


Shirley has been worried about her partner Jay’s drinking.

It seems to Shirley that Jay turns to alcohol whenever he gets stressed out or feels upset about something.

This is not a healthy habit, but it’s even worse because just about every time Jay drinks, the two of them get into a huge fight.

They don’t normally argue so Shirley often knows when Jay’s been drinking because he starts yelling at her about even minor issues. This usually sparks Shirley’s anger and she begins yelling along with him.

She wants to talk with Jay about his drinking and ask him to consider seeing an abuse counselor but is afraid it will turn into another argument.

Shirley contacted us for a coaching session and while we were talking she decided it was time to be honest with him. We suggested she start the conversation with one of our "Magic Words" phrases--Because our relationship is so important to me…”

This phrase said from the heart and with love sets the framework for him to be open to hearing what else she had to say. When she told him that when he drinks, she doesn't feel a connection with him and she wants to feel the love they used to have together.

She told him that she didn't want to fight with him anymore and asked him if he would get help.

Because of her open heart and her invitation, Jay could hear and feel her love and he was more open to considering getting help than he had been.

Can One Simple Phrase Change the Course of Your Relationship?

The answer is unequivocally YES!

  • Especially if you've been experiencing any conflict...
  • Especially if you want to AVOID future conflict...
  • Especially if you want to learn how to live in peace and harmony with the people who are most important to you...

We can't encourage you enough to use that one simple sentence we described a moment ago, along with a loving attitude, for the sake of yourself and for your loved ones right now.

And there's more...

We have over 100 more words, phrases and sentence-starters (just as powerful as this one) that we'd also like to share with you.

You'll find these additional "magic words" in our book and audio program called "Magic Relationship Words" that you can download right now...

What People Are Saying About This "Magic Relationship Words" program...

"There's no way to express how grateful I am that I found your assistance in my recently discovered need to become reconnected with my wife, Mary. Things have a way of happening to us that we cannot believe would ever be happening. My discovery came as a result of a medical situation for Mary that caused a momentary thought that I might not have her in my life tomorrow. That thought triggered a change in my entire outlook on our relationship.

"Until that moment, the word relationship had very little import to me. Then with the new outlook in my heart, valuable resources like your book and news letters began to come into my view and I have been digesting and studying more than I have since my school years. I worried for a bit that Mary might think I had gone off the deep end since my attention to her and our "relationship" had made such an abrupt change ( Reverse ! ). Having read about the mistakes we men make, ( I responded "oh no" to all ten ), I had to wonder how it is that Mary still loves me.

"The "Magic Relationship Words" are a totally awesome collection of thoughtful and logical words to wrap a thought into that conveys the feeling that the message is coming from a loving place.

"I can't report ( yet ) that I've spoken more than the one that has had the most profound effect on my thinking and in reducing Mary's apprehension about my change in attitude. ( "This relationship is so important to me _______ ")

"Just to be certain that my new focus on our relationship wasn't causing Mary any worries about my mental health, I asked her best friend if Mary had mentioned anything about my recent relationship actions with her. The friend responded, "Yes !", with a smile. Then I asked her if Mary was pleased.... and got another "Yes !".

"I told Mary about the two question conversation an hour later after we we alone again and expressed to her how very happy and grateful that it had made me to know that she was accepting that my "change" is a genuine love based intention.

"Thank you both for the gifts you have shared to help our relationship. Mary and I have had a "good" 41 year marriage, and now I know we will have a GREAT marriage everyday from here on."    James

"During this Thanksgiving week, I simply want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I'm discovering how valuable these magic words are for any relationship (above and beyond the primary relationship)- and I'm handling a highly sensitive family trauma - which needs all the love, patience and wisdom in the world to work-through - and I'm adapting the magic words according to need to help support this delicate, difficult navigation.

"I love how the workbook creates a sense of emotional space and reflection literally by including space for exercises - in itself helping to decompress 'tightness' and 'fear' and open-up heartfelt, authentic connection even where extremely deep differences, perceptions and experiences may exist.

"Susie and Otto, thanks for creating and sharing this - part of your invaluable gift of service to the path of truly authentic human relating." Name Withheld on Request

"I downloaded your 'Magic Words' ebook and got two audios a couple days ago. Honestly, this material is terrific. I'm 60 yrs old and have been single for 27 years. I've worked on myself a lot but now that I finally have a really good man, I've noticed my inner thinking and some outer reactions that really have nothing to do with him. Your material is really helping me clarify and take responsibility for my own 'stuff' so I won't destroy what we are building. Thank you so much for what you do! You do it very well, too."      Leslie

"I downloaded it [Magic Relationship Words] in the morning and by lunch I was using it on a call with a very dear friend. I highly recommend this."    Rudy


"Magic Relationship Words" Special Offer

$27 (normally $47)

  • "Magic Relationship Words" Ebook
  • "Magic Relationship Words That Build Trust" Audios
  • "Dumb Things Couples Say That Kill Passion & Love" Ebook
  • "The Top 10 Communication Mistakes People Make in Their Relationships" Ebook
  • "How to Handle Upsets with Magic Relationship Words" Video

How to Tell If This "Magic Relationship Words" Program is for you...

  • If you or your partner have any challenges at all in communicating your thoughts, feelings or emotions to each other, then this "Magic Relationship Words" book and audio program is for you.
  • If you'd like to know the exact words and phrases to say to your partner, spouse or lover so that you never stumble over finding the right words to say to them, then this book and audio program is for you.
  • If you would like to know how to communicate your needs to your partner and be able to understand their needs without conflict, then this book and audio program is for you.
  • If you've ever wished you had the right words to say at any time (now or in the past) to be able to speak your truth and be honest and authentic without holding back --then this is for you.
  • If you are willing to invest a little bit of time, effort and energy into learning some new skills, ideas and techniques that will dramatically improve the quality of your communication and instantly create breakthroughs in your relationship or marriage -- then this program is for you.
  • If you have even an ounce of desire to heal the communication issues and challenges that come up for you in your relationship or marriage, we sincerely believe this program can change your life.

On the other hand, if you aren't willing at this point to learn new skills to help you communicate in all your relationships...


You are unwilling to give your relationships one more try, then you should probably pass on this info and not bother downloading it.

This program is for people who want more love and better relationships and are willing to try some new ways of talking and communicating in order to get it.

Use These Words Immediately in Your Life

If there are any doubts, fears or hesitations coming up right now about how difficult talking with your partner openly and honestly about certain things are, know that the tools in this program can get you unstuck and moving toward a happier, healthier relationship.

In fact, any self talk you have that says it isn't possible for your relationship and your partner will only shut you down (again) if you try to talk about what's so important to you, you owe it to yourself to open to something more wonderful happening.

The truth is that nothing will change if you don't change something and in the "Magic Relationship Words" Program Special, we're giving you the tools to make talking about subjects that have overwhelmed you in the past much easier than you ever thought possible.

That's why we created this special limited offer...


"Magic Relationship Words" Special Offer

$27 (normally $47)

  • "Magic Relationship Words" Ebook
  • "Magic Relationship Words That Build Trust" Audios
  • "Dumb Things Couples Say That Kill Passion & Love" Ebook
  • "The Top 10 Communication Mistakes People Make in Their Relationships" Ebook
  • "How to Handle Upsets with Magic Relationship Words" Video

Get Started Right Now Enjoying Happier, Easier Relationships


You wouldn't be here right now if you didn't want a happier, easier relationship with less stress, worry and fewer damaging disagreements.

We know it's possible for you to start communicating in a more loving way and opening your partner's heart so you're able to resolve those issues that have tugged at your relationship for maybe many years.

We know it's possible for you to feel close once again without all the drama that seems to now be there between the two of you.

It's time for you to start getting more of the love, passion and connection that you want.

Click the "Order Here" button above to get our "Magic Relationship Words" Program (at this reduced price for a limited time only) to start creating a happier and healthier relationship.

You'll be glad you did!

We wish you all the love and happiness you want!

Relationship Coaches and Authors

Susie and Otto Collins

P.S. We've made this program incredibly affordable at only $27 (for a limited time) and offer a money-back guarantee for 60 days--so you can't lose!

P.P.S. These ebooks, audios and video are available only at this price for a limited time. Act now to take advantage of his program because this "Special" will go away soon. You have nothing to lose by clicking the "Order Here" button right now.

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