Happy Relationships and Life–Don’t Do This…

smilingwoman700How do you have happy relationships and a happy life? Here’s what NOT to do…

The other day, we overheard a woman talking about her up-coming vacation from work and she said…

“It’s 16 days until I’m happy…”

Now we can certainly understand being excited about taking off work for several days in a row…

(That IS something to look forward to!)

But to put off being happy until your vacation starts, especially if it’s 16 days away, sounds to us like a waste of the valuable time we have on this earth.

The truth is that your natural state is happiness and you (like all of us) just cover it over with thoughts and judgments that take you away from what you want.

And appreciating something even if it’s very small in the moment is one way to return to that state of mind that’s there for all of us no matter what the outward circumstances are.

You could be saying something like this right now…

“But you don’t understand…

“I’m in an unhappy relationship”

or “The kids are driving me crazy”

or “I hate my job”

or “I don’t have the money I need.”

And those outward circumstances are dictating your level of happiness.

While we’re certainly not minimizing the pain you might be in because of any of those circumstances–(We’ve been there ourselves…)

We’re beginning to understand that if life is to be lived, all those things can happen just because we’re human.

And we can still find happiness in moments if we look for them.

If you want happy relationships and a happy life, our message to you…

Is to notice moments that are happy

  • It might be a look or even a few words that pass between you and someone you love.
  • It might be an appreciation for a bite of something that is very delicious.
  • It might be seeing a beautiful fall sunset or sunrise.
  • It might be noticing the playfulness of a child or even a pet.

The point is to not put off being happy–even for a moment.

If you don’t, your life will be richer and those around you will be uplifted as well!

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