The Communication Trap Almost All Couples Fall Into...
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Susie and Otto's course opened my mind and heart. Their material takes the immense subject of communication, literally one I've practiced for half a century, and breaks it down into realistic opportunities for change. Susie's coaching really reinforced the communication as series of opportunities, not corrections. I wasn't bad or broken because of ineffective communication, rather, there were opportunities for me where I am right now. Encouragement is a rare gift, and Susie uses her gift in the coaching sessions to get me to see possibilities and to take the courageous steps of change that are bringer me closer to the ones I love the most. Susie and Otto have helped me to change my life.


The program was and is very helpful. It took me a while to realize that our ineffectual communications was the root of our problem. I didn’t come to this directly. Of course I thought my wife had a problem with communicating. I was not “communicating to connect”. My wife also thought she was communicating, but I wasn’t hearing her. I just heard noise. The funny thing is that after going through the program I think we both learned that we want the same thing, that is each other. So we are learning. We am learning to speak a new language and we are getting each other. BTW this is after being married for 26 years and thinking everything was OK. Well it was only close enough. Now I see it is moving to being great. Yes old dogs can learn new things.


The audio was very helpful to me.  It clarified the underlying thought patterns which lead to unnecessary conflicts between partners.  It also gave me behavioral tips on how to prevent conflicts before they begin.  My husband and I have a very close and loving relationship, however, when I am tired or stressed I am vulnerable to anger and irritability.  Your audio helped me to understand my own “buttons” and to slow down my quick reactions when they are pushed.  It helped me in many ways.  Thank you!

We’re Susie and Otto Collins and since 1999 we been sharing a simple message of hope and love with people all over the world.

The two of us are Certified Transformative Coaches and authors who teach ways for moving past stress, challenges, conflict, poor communication and misunderstandings and into a life with love and possibilities.

We invite you to join us as we explore how to have easier communication and deepen love and connection in all of your relationships by filling in your first name and email address above to get our video "5 Ways to Turn Conflict Into Connection."

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